Why do huskies throw tantrums?

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Huskies throw tantrums because they are trying to communicate with you. A husky tantrum is more obvious because huskies are more dramatic and have a lot of personality. Don’t punish tantrums. You can understand your husky tantrum and take the proper measure. Also, you can train your husky and correct his or her behavior.

There are plenty of reasons why huskies will throw a tantrum. A few examples are if they need to go potty, for a walk, to play with you, if they are thirsty or hungry, during a bath, to communicate a physical need, and the list can go on. I’ll try to cover most of the situations in this article.

Each dog is different, so there are plenty of reasons why a husky can throw a tantrum. Temper tantrums are how your husky is trying to communicate something to you. Pay attention and see when and why these tantrums occur. Also, there is a difference between your husky being vocal and throwing a tantrum. There is as well a big difference between a physical tantrum and an emotional tantrum.

Temper tantrums in huskies

As I mentioned before, there is a big difference between your husky being vocal and a temper tantrum. When huskies throw a tantrum, they act out, whine, howl, bark, jump on you, move around, and even growl at you. Each dog is unique, so their tantrum is different and depends on the dog’s behavior. Some huskies may just give you a side look, stay quiet, and ignore your commands. Huskies vocalize their physical and emotional needs. This is why you need to pay attention to your husky and see how you can help your dog or correct the behavior.

huskies training walking on a green field
Daily walk with my dogs

Huskies physical tantrums

Huskies can throw tantrums because of some physical reasons. A few reasons are the need to go potty, hunger, thirst, the need to exercise more, and if they are hurt or if there is something physically wrong with them, such as an illness. It’s extremely important to go with your husky to a veterinarian for annual checkups. Besides these checkups, if you notice your husky is not behaving as usual and starts wining and being aggressive if you want to touch him or her, go to the veterinarian. If your husky squeaks, whine or gets aggressive when you touch him or her go to the veterinarian to check it out. Physical pain can be one of the reasons why your husky will throw tantrums.

My husky got some dirt into his eyes, came from outside, and hid under my desk while whining and trying to get it out of his eyes. He had erratic behavior, ignored all of my commands, and even growled at me. He came to me to let me know what’s happening with him, but he would not listen. This is just one example of when it was something temporary wrong physical with him. But dogs can throw tantrums if there is an underlying health problem that is not visible to you.

Your husky can throw a tantrum when it’s potty time

You should be glad if your husky throws a tantrum when he or she wants to go potty. Huskies usually don’t like to pee or poop where they sleep. They prefer the green outdoors. In this case, your husky is telling you to take him or her outside so there will be no accidents in the house. If this happens in the morning, try to wake up earlier and take your dog to potty or let him or her in the yard (only if your yard is secured and your dog can’t escape). Your husky will not throw a tantrum if you wake up earlier. You will also lose your patience if your bladder is full and you need to wait for hours.

Huskies can throw tantrums if they are thirsty or hungry

Huskies will let you know when they are hungry by throwing tantrums. Try to feed your husky earlier, and don’t let him or her wait so much. This will solve this type of tantrum right away. You are grumpy if you’re hungry, and so is your husky.

But if we talk about a temper tantrum due to the lack of obedience, you will need to start training sessions with your husky. Your husky can be too eager, impatient, and anxious when you’re filling the food bowl, and he or she jumps on you. In this case, your husky needs to learn how to be patient. Give your husky the sit and stay commands while you’re filling the bowl. Fill the bowl on a counter or on the table first. Place the bowl on the floor while your husky sits and waits for your go. Give your husky the go command and call him or her to eat. If your husky doesn’t stay, pick the bowl and say no or make the specific sound that you use for no with your husky. You will need to be patient also, but I can assure you it will work.

Huskies can throw tantrums if they are not exercised enough

Huskies need to exercise. Take your husky for longer walks, jogging, or play with him or her. Enjoy these moments and have fun together. I know that nowadays, everybody’s schedule is busy, but we still need to exercise our dogs for them to have a healthy life. If your husky is howling, having zoomies, and barking or jumping he or she might need more exercise. Try to walk your husky twice daily and have fun activities together.

Can’t walk your husky twice per day? Try to take your husky for a long walk in the morning and a shorter potty walk in the evening. But if you do so, try to play fetch or other activities that stimulates him or her. During the winter, the days are shorter and colder, and I can understand if you don’t want to go outside when it is too dark to see. Safety first. You can walk your husky more during the weekend when it’s light outside.

Huskies can throw temper tantrums if they are too tired

Yes, huskies can also throw temper tantrums if they are too tired. Don’t over-exercise your husky. Even if they have plenty of energy and are hardworking, active dogs at their roots, consider your dog and your living style. You don’t just start to run 10 miles if you haven’t exercised in months. You need to build your resistance. So does your husky. Your husky can throw a temper tantrum even if you don’t over-exercise him or her.

When a husky is tired, he or she will just want to sleep in their bed and not respond to your commands. Your husky is in the “Do not disturb” phase. An obedient dog will respond to your commands, but even if your husky doesn’t respond, you can give him or her a break and let your dog to sleep.

Take a high-value treat and give him or her a command if you really need to make your husky listen. If you don’t have high-value treats at home at that time, some bits of cheese will do the trick. It always work with my dogs.

Don’t give cheese to your dog if he or she is lactose intolerant. For example, if you need to leave and you want to let your husky in another room while you’re gone. Take a high-value treat, and your dog will most likely follow you into the other room. Don’t forget to praise your husky for being a good girl or boy.

huskies walk green grass
Nuria and Loki during a walk

Emotional temper tantrums in huskies

Your husky can throw a temper tantrum due to emotional reasons such as boredom, frustration, fearfulness, anxiety, and the need for more attention, or it can be a consequence of a lack of obedience training. Temper tantrums caused by the lack of training can be stopped patiently with training.

Do not encourage your husky’s tantrums if you want him or her to stop acting out. For example, if you’re eating and your husky starts to bark, spin or howl at you. Don’t give him or her any food if you want this behavior to stop. Ignore your husky tantrum, and with time he or she will understand. Be consistent and inform other people that are living in your household to do the same. Don’t confuse your husky. The tantrums will not stop and may even return if you give him or her a little bit of food while you’re eating from time to time.

Your huskies can throw tantrums if they are bored or if they want your attention

Huskies are vocal and talkative dogs that will most likely inform you they get bored. A husky could let you know that he or she gets bored by howling at you, trying to capture your attention, putting their paw on you, bringing a toy to you, or throwing the toy around the room. There are so many ways your husky could try to capture your attention and let you know he or she wants to play. It also depends on you if you want to reinforce this behavior or if you want to stop it. I did not reinforce this behavior.

Even though I care for my huskies a lot, I do not allow them to throw a temper tantrums when they want my attention. Especially not while I’m working, cleaning, watching a movie, having guests over, eating, and so on. To stop these tantrums, you will need to ignore them when they are acting out. They will give up eventually. I prefer to give my dogs my full attention during playtime.

Huskies can throw temper tantrums when they are frustrated

Dogs can get frustrated due to external factors or the lack of obedience training. Each dog reacts differently when it is frustrated. Some huskies will not want to walk further during a walk because they like that place or jump on you in front of the gate when they don’t want to come inside. They can throw temper tantrums even before the walk when you’re putting the harness on them. This happens because your husky has an outburst of emotions, and he or she did not learn how to control these emotions. Obedience training will increase huskies’ patience, and they will have your commands as guidelines for how they should behave. Sit and stay are basic commands that will help you and your dog significantly.

Fearfulness can be the cause of some temper tantrums in huskies

Huskies can throw tantrums when they are scared of some people, smells, other dogs, new places, new situations, loud sounds, trauma after some bad experiences, or instincts. Find the trigger and have patience with your husky. You need to be calm in order to calm your husky. Avoid punishment when you want him or her to fight a fear or trust new people or dogs. Praise your husky for trying and encourage him or her.

Socializing your husky and taking him or her to various places will help your dog as long as he or she is comfortable. Be careful when you start socializing your husky with other dogs. Make sure they are not aggressive. Fear of the new environments will pass if your husky is convinced it’s a safe place to walk. Don’t push your husky too much when it comes to overcome a fear. Try little by little with a lot of praise and treats. If you have a phobia, you can understand why is your husky behaving this way.

Husky separation anxiety

Separation anxiety should be managed at an early age. It is not healthy for your husky or you in the long term. Fear, frustration, and anxiousness are what your husky feels when you go outside and leave him or her at home. All those emotions will make your husky have destructive behavior and destroy doors, furniture, walls, and so on.

You don’t want your husky to stress whenever you go to work or outside without him or her. Start training your husky at a young age, or start now. It is never too late. Each dog reacts differently and needs different solutions.

A few things that can help with your husky separation anxiety. For example, before you go to work try walking your husky. You can take your husky to jog if he or she is a healthy adult dog. Don’t exaggerate with the exercise. A brief daily morning walk will help your husky. Your dog will poop, pee, and exercise during this walk. Don’t make a big fuss when you’re leaving or coming home. I know that you want to show your husky that you missed him or her by running and jumping, but you must keep your calm in order to have a calmer dog.

dogs why do huskies throw tantrums
Nuria during a walk

Conclusions about huskies and temper tantrums

Temper tantrums are different from dog to dog. It really depends on the dogs and their personalities. I have three dogs, and they act differently when they need something. One will come and look at me and wait for me to open the door, one will put his paw on me and wait for me to react, and one will make sounds while looking at me and at the door. These were not tantrum examples, they were behavior examples. When it comes to throwing tantrums, my Loki is dramatic and verbal. He will throw temper tantrums from time to time during baths or if he’s bored. Not always, but when he wants, he can be dramatic. Also, when is something wrong with him, such as dirt in his eyes, getting stung by a bee, or other situations like these, he will not hesitate to let me know.

Encourage your husky’s good behavior

Find why your husky throws tantrums. Does he or she have some triggers, or is it just an obedience problem? Do not punish your dog for throwing tantrums. Your dog just wants to tell you what’s wrong so you can help him or her. Make sure you work with your husky and give him or her obedience training. Have patience while you’re teaching your husky to be patient. It will take a few days or weeks but will make your life easier and your husky happier and more relaxed.

Your husky needs boundaries and training so he or she can know what you want. By giving the commands daily, you will have a calmer husky. Don’t forget to praise and reward your husky’s good behavior with treats at first. Overtime you will not need to give your husky treats each time, but they are necessary at the beginning of training.

Still, as I mentioned at the beginning of the article, huskies can throw tantrums if they feel there is something wrong with them. Take your husky to a veterinarian for a checkup. When it comes to physical tantrums, a veterinarian is the best person to point out what is wrong with your husky. There can be many underlying health problems, such as toothache, digestive problems, etc.

I hope I answered your questions and you find this to be a helpful article. Let me know if you have more questions about husky temper tantrums.

Dog and Siberian husky lover. I love training, exercising and playing around with my two huskies. Always trying new foods, recipes and striving to give them the best possible dog life.

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