Why do huskies like squeaky toys?

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Huskies like squeaky toys a lot, and if you are a husky owner, then you are already familiarized with the constant squeaking. Squeak, squeak, squeak, and more until you get immune to the sound and you are amazed at how much fun your husky has. But why do huskies like squeaky toys? There are three main reasons why huskies like squeaky toys, and I’ll talk about them next.

Huskies like squeaky toys due to their hunting instinct

Huskies like squeaky toys due to their hunting instinct. Some huskies have a behavioral response to hunt when they hear the squeaking sound that resembles the sounds of small injured animals in nature. They will want to chase, capture and chew their prey until they rip apart the toy.

It’s most likely derived from predatory behavior, but our huskies don’t need to hunt for food. The predatory behavior makes your husky chase and catch small animals or birds. Huskies enjoy the adrenaline rush when they mimic the hunting behavior. Especially if the toy is furry and looks like a small animal. This is also why some huskies like to chase balls.

do huskies like squeaky toys
My Loki chewing his squeaky alligator

Do you like Loki’s squeaky alligator? You can grab Ali the Alligator for your husky so he or she can chew happily.

Huskies like squeaky toys because they can get our attention

Huskies are intelligent dogs, and they know how to get our attention. And the squeaky sound can easily capture our attention. If you give attention to your husky when he is chewing the squeaky toy, he knows that you will do it again. Your husky just wants to get your attention and play with you. Some huskies will bring the squeaky ball in your lap or in front of you to invite you to play with him or him.

Huskies like squeaky toys because they squeak

Huskies like squeaky toys because they squeak, and the squeaking sound is an instant and pleasant response. You might notice that your husky will chew and chew just to hear the squeaky sound over and over again. Your husky is having a blast while doing this because the squeaky sound can trigger dopamine. Some huskies will not leave the squeaky toy alone, especially if other dogs are in the house, and they will not give up until they rip the squeaky toy apart.

Huskies like squeaky toys because they just want to chew

Most of the squeaky toys are perfect chewing toys. Chewing is essential for your husky and has to be encouraged. You can give your husky puppy some squeaky toys to chew on while he or she is teething. It’s a husky instinct to chew. Some puppy huskies will not like squeaky toys, and that’s ok. There are plenty of fun toys for them also.

Do huskies prefer squeaky toys?

Some huskies go crazy over squeaky toys, and others don’t. I have three huskies, and only two of them like squeaky toys. Your husky might like squeaky toys because he or she played with a squeaky toy at a young age, but other huskies can get skittish because of the sound. If your husky doesn’t like the sound at first, place the squeaky toy on the floor or play with the toy with your husky without making the squeaky sound. Give it some time if it’s his or her first squeaky toy.

When your husky understands how fun it is to chew the toy, you will hear the squeaking sound all day. But there is also the possibility your husky will not be a fan of the squeaky toy, and that’s ok.

Why is my husky attached to a squeaky toy?

Your husky can get attached to a squeaky toy because of their instincts. Some huskies will think that the toy it’s their prey, and they will not let it out of his or her sight. You can notice this behavior, especially where there are more huskies or dogs in the household. Huskies know what toys are theirs. They know what their toy looks like and how it smells. This is why in a household with more dogs, they will still know whose toys are whose.

Why does my husky walk around the house with the squeaky toy in his mouth?

Are you wondering why your husky walks around the house with the squeaky toy in his or her mouth? There are two main hypotheses.

The first one says this is an instinct, and your husky carries the prey in his or her mouth like how the wolves carry their prey in their mouths. But in our husky’s case, the prey is a squeaky toy.

The second one is that they just want to carry the squeaky toy to chew it in their favorite place, or your husky will likely come and chew the toy where you are to capture your attention.

Are squeaky toys safe for huskies?

Squeaky toys are safe for huskies as long as you keep an eye on them. Don’t let your husky play with a squeaky toy unsupervised because he or she can rip apart the toy and eat parts of it. This is a choking hazard, and you need to make sure he or she will not swallow pieces of it. As it goes with all toys, not just with the squeaky toys. Especially if you know that you have a husky that likes to destroy toys.

Call your veterinarian or go to the clinic if your husky swallowed parts of the squeaky toy. It’s better to be safe and precautious, supervise your husky while he’s playing with the toys, and avoid choking hazards and a visit to the clinic.

Zen destroyed his Reindeer toy

Can squeaky toys hurt my husky’s ears?

Squeaky toys made for dogs are safe for your husky’s ears. The squeaky sound might be a bit annoying for you but are completely safe for your husky’s ears. The squeaky toy’s sound will most likely not be over 100 dB.

Why does my husky howl at the squeaky toy?

Your husky can howl at a squeaky toy if he or she wants to play with you. If your husky brought the squeaky toy in front of you or somewhere next to you, it’s most likely an invitation for you to play together. If he starts to make noise with it, your husky is definitely trying to get your attention with the howling and the squeaking. It depends on you if you play with him or her when he acts like this. If you want to make a habit of it, encourage your dog’s behavior and play with him or her. Don’t reward him or her with attention if you don’t want to encourage this behavior.

husky toys fun crocodile owner plays
Husky really likes his squeaky toy

Do squeaky toys make huskies aggressive?

Some say squeaky toys can make huskies aggressive, but this is not a given because not all huskies are the same. Dogs are unique, and they have different behavior and preferences.

Your husky can be possessive of his squeaky toy

Some huskies can get too obsessed with their squeaky toy and will not let you come close to them while they have the squeaky toy. If your husky is aggressive while you’re trying to get near, don’t force it. Get a high rewarding treat, something that he or she likes even better than the squeaky toy, and call him or her at you. Call your husky in a different room or outside and go and remove the toy. Do this only if you must remove the toy, for example, if she or he tore it apart and starts swallowing pieces of it. Start training your husky to release the squeaky toy. Some bits of cheese usually does the trick. Each time your husky gives you the toy, you should reward him with a highly rewarding treat or a different toy. This type of aggression is the result of your husky’s possessiveness. Your husky is afraid that you are going to take his or her toy away. But huskies can be trained. All you need is patience. The same goes with the tug of war.

I mentioned earlier that some say squeaky toys can lead to aggression in dogs because they trigger the hunting instinct. But not all huskies are the same, and they will react differently to squeaky toys and to other things or situations. You can take action and start the training session if you notice signs of aggression in your husky’s behavior.

Playing with squeaky toys will not trigger the hunting instinct in all dogs. My husky girl is not impressed by squeaky toys, but she will want to chase smaller animals or birds.

husky toys dog
My Nuria playing with her toy

Conclusion about squeaky toys and huskies

I let my huskies play with squeaky toys, and I’m almost immune to the sound after so many years. They are having lots of fun, and I can also play with them. Squeaky toys are usually safe for huskies as long as you supervise your dog while she or he plays with the toy.

Huskies tend to play with the new toy until they destroy it. Especially squeaky toys that can make them more hyper. I hope you like this article and that you’re also having a blast playing with your husky and his or her squeaky toys.

Dog and Siberian husky lover. I love training, exercising and playing around with my two huskies. Always trying new foods, recipes and striving to give them the best possible dog life.

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