About Husky Advisor

I love writing informative content and providing people with the help they need. Being a dog lover, and especially a Siberian Husky lover since I own two dogs, I talk, study, read, and try out a lot of things for and with them.

From trying out new recipes and that new quality kibble, to actually buying all the toys in the world in order to find something engaging and stimulating enough for my Huskies, I will try to document and share my experiences and advice with everyone, here on HuskyAdvisor.com

I also love to exercise with my huskies – I usually make sure they get their daily walks and playtime. I think a happy dog can be the best thing for a family’s life and wellbeing.

What can you expect to find on this blog?

  • Tips, tricks, and guides about owning and raising a Husky or a dog (some articles are really great to be applied no matter the breed of your puppy);
  • Diet and food tips for dogs and puppies;
  • Product reviews – toys, treats, and food;
  • Really anything I find interesting regarding Huskies or dogs in general. From history to breed facts and more;

If you’d like to see something in special on this blog, like discussing a certain topic or review-ing a special dog toy, don’t hesitate to leave a comment on any article or just drop me an e-mail at bark@huskyadvisor.com

Thanks for stopping by! Alexandra.