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Can I run with my husky?

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You can jog and run with your husky. Your husky has to be a healthy adult dog. You must talk with your dog’s veterinarian if you can think about any reason why your husky shouldn’t jog or run with you. Your dog should have a medical check before your start running together.

Especially if it’s been a long time since your husky ran with you. Your dog’s veterinarian will notice if there could be joint problems, cardiovascular problems, or if his or her age and even weight allows running.

Jogging or running with your husky is different from when you’re running or jogging all by yourself. If you like to jog or run, you already know why you like doing this activity all by yourself. You need to sync with somebody else when you run with the other person. Running or jogging with your husky is the same. You need to run or jog at your dog’s pace, not yours. You are running together, and you need to adapt to your husky’s needs. I’ll try to cover everything in this article. Therefore, it’s going to be a longer article.

Is it safe to run or jog with my husky?

You can safely run or jog with your husky if you adapt to your husky’s pace. Huskies are a working breed that enjoys exercising a lot, but they adapt and follow their owner’s habits. If we are lazy for a longer period of time, they will most likely be lazy too. But, if we are active and play with them, they will be active too.

Dogs need to exercise, people need to exercise, and why not do it together and live a healthy life with precious and happy moments? Sure, we don’t start to chew and destroy stuff because we have too much energy, but we still need to exercise too.

Don’t run with your husky puppy

Wait until your puppy grows. Don’t start to run or jog with your husky until he or she is at least twelve or eighteen months old. I don’t want to be misunderstood. You can run and play with your husky in your yard, on the grass. This doesn’t compare with going for a run or a jog. Especially if you two are running on hard surfaces such as asphalt. Asphalt and hard surfaces will put pressure on your dog’s joints and bones. These high-impact exercises can result in injuries if your husky is not yet fully developed.

Always look at your husky while you’re running together

Jog slowly at your husky’s pace. Don’t make your dog push the limits. Always look at your husky and notice if your dog is panting and drooling excessively. You should stop running and take a break on the grass, in the shade.

Other signs that tell you to stop are when your husky has difficulty keeping up with you, weakness, increased pulse, or if she or he insists on stopping and sitting down. Do not continue to run if your husky has any of the mentioned signs.

Don’t listen to music in your headphones while you’re running or jogging with your husky. You need to pay attention to the road and to your husky while you’re running together. Wear headphones only when you’re going jogging alone.

Don’t run with your husky if it’s too hot outside

The best temperature for a jog or run with your husky is between 40°F ( 6°C ) and  60°F ( 15°C ). These are also the best temperatures to go biking with your husky. Don’t run with your husky if it’s too hot outside. Always take the humidity into account. Heatstroke, damage to the paws, overheating, overexercise, and other injuries can happen when you’re jogging or running with your husky if it’s hot outside.

husky owner running jogging exercise
Running with my husky Loki

Always check the pavement temperature before you walk or run with your husky

Place your hand on the pavement for at least 10 seconds and see if it is too warm. If it’s too warm for you, it most definitely is too warm for your husky’s paws. The pavement is usually cooler in the morning. That is why it is better to take your husky for a walk or run early in the morning when it is not too hot outside, and the pavement is still cold.

How to run with my husky?

Jogging or running together with your husky is fun as long as your husky listens to you and you follow his or her pace. The best time for a jog or a run with your husky is early in the morning or even in the evening. Only if it’s not too hot outside. But how to start jogging and running with your husky?

Always warm up before a run

You need to warm up before you exercise. So does your husky. Before you start jogging or running, you should walk for a bit so that you can both warm up. Your husky will usually want to poop, pee or sniff during this interval. Give your husky a few minutes before a run to do all those things.

Run on safe trails with your husky

Find safe trails where you can run with your husky. Always check for ticks if you run in the forest or parks. Try to find if there are ticks on your usual trail and decide if you still want to run with your husky there or find another trail. Find a tick repellent if there are ticks in your area, and always check your husky for ticks when you arrive home.

If there are no trails where you can run with your husky, you probably will run on asphalt and other hard surfaces. Try not to run only on asphalt with your husky. Find a place where you can also take your husky to run on grass.

Get the right dog equipment for jogging and running

Never use a choke collar when taking your husky for a run. A choke collar will hurt your husky’s neck because it is improper for jogging or running. Huskies usually like to pull, so I strongly advise you to use a harness when you’re going for a run or jogging. Why not a collar? When a husky pulls, he or she will hurt the trachea.

What do you need to have when you run with your husky?

A good harness for your husky

You need a proper harness to run with your husky. Find a good and secure harness that fits your husky. Make sure your harness will not cause chafing during the run. Try to find a reflective or illuminated dog harness. Usually, dog harnesses have some reflective lines on them. If you like to run early in the morning or after the sunset, put a reflective dog vest on your husky. A reflective vest is handy, especially when the sun sets early in winter.

Hands-free dog running leash for your husky

A hands-free dog running leash will make running with your husky a pleasant activity. It is more than a leash. It is necessary when you’re going to run with your husky. The hands-free running leash is like a waist belt, and it has a flexible leash that allows your husky to speed up or slow down a bit beside you with no problem. You will not trip because of this leash. The waist belt allows you to move your hands-free while running, and your dog will not pull your arm.

The hands-free dog running leash is a must when you run with your husky. Also, you can grab by the waist belt the treat bag, poop bags, and even the water bottle. I usually carry a backpack with me to have enough water, a collapsible bowl, and more things I might need while we are jogging together. Again, it’s different when you go alone for a walk than when you’re going with your husky.

running equipment harness leash running
This is my husky’s basic equipment

Protect your husky’s paws during a run

A good paw wax for your husky’s paws is mandatory. Some dogs will not wear dog booties. Therefore, a good wax for dogs will keep your husky’s paws safe. Just put some wax on your husky’s paw’s pads before you go for a run.

Water is essential when you’re running with your husky

Always bring water with you when you’re going for a run or a jog with your husky

Water is mandatory when you’re running with your husky. For your husky and for you. Take water breaks, and be sure your husky is hydrated and happy during your jog. Get a water bottle for dogs or a collapsible bowl and a water bottle. Just make sure you keep your husky hydrated.

Don’t forget about poop bags

Poop bags are always necessary when you’re going outside with your husky. Running or jogging is no different in this case than walking your dog. Your husky will need to poo while you are going for a run. As I mentioned, your husky needs to warm up before a run, and he or she will likely poop before running.

Take a waterproof jacket for your husky if it’s raining

Do you like to run when it is raining? A waterproof jacket for your husky is necessary. I don’t jog or run with my huskies if it’s raining outside but if you don’t mind, take a waterproof jacket for your husky. Make sure your husky is comfortable in it.

How to train your husky to run or jog with you

You can easily train your husky to run or jog with you. All you need is to have patience and to enjoy every moment. Don’t rush the process. I know how over-excited huskies are to run, but you need to make him or her focus on you and your vocal commands

Make sure your husky can jog or run with you

Talk with your veterinarian before you start running with your husky. Your dog’s veterinarian will find out if there are underlying health issues from which your husky can’t run. So many activities for you and your husky don’t require a high level of exercise. Husky puppies and old huskies shouldn’t run or jog.

Overweight dogs will be advised to start with more short walks and even swimming, fetching, and not running. And the list continues. There are some exceptions, so I suggest a quick check with your veterinarian before you start running with your husky.

A healthy adult husky can jog and run with you. Still, you need to increase the speed and distance with time. Also, rest days are necessary for huskies too, not only for people.

Start jogging with your husky slowly

Don’t start to run or jog with your husky too fast or too much at first. Start with longer walks to build up his or her endurance. As I mentioned earlier, running with your husky is different from running alone. You don’t wake up and run a marathon, nor does your husky. Even if you read everywhere that huskies are a working breed that enjoys exercise, that doesn’t mean they can suddenly run fast or go for miles. Start to increase the exercise slowly if the husky hasn’t walked or run too much.

Don’t run too fast or too much, even if your dog wants this at first. Your husky will be overexcited to run with you, but he or she needs to learn your vocal cues and to pay focus on you even if you run together. Also, you don’t want to make your dog exceed his or her body’s limits. You want to build strength, endurance, and muscles and let your dog’s joints adapt to the exercise.

In the few weeks, you alternate running with walking. This way, your husky will learn the vocal commands.

Use commands, and don’t let your husky pull you

Commands such as “stop”, “jog”, “walk”, and “easy” are necessary to tell your husky what to do. I use these vocal commands, but you can use your own verbal commands. Just let your husky know what he or she is supposed to do, and don’t pull him or her without vocal commands.

I use “easy” to let my huskies decrease the speed and “stop” to stop. “Walk” is the same command I use when we’re walking and “jog” to start running. Use cues and reward your husky with “good boy/girl” and a small treat. Positive reinforcement is the best when you’re teaching your husky to run with you.

Don’t try to push your husky’s limits

You will want to run faster and for a longer period of time with your husky, but don’t push the limits. Even if your husky is happy and overexcited to run with you and tries to keep up the pace, that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing in the first weeks of running. Your husky will want to run with you because he or she loves to spend time with you. But it requires too much effort on his or her part at this moment. You know better than to make your dog push too much. You will run together for weeks or years, so there is no rush to put so much pressure on your husky’s body. Let’s avoid injuries and other health issues and live a happy and healthy life.

Do you like to run or jog? Go running or jogging without your husky until he or she can keep up with you. Running all by yourself is different from running with your husky. You need to keep this in mind.

Take water breaks while jogging or running with your husky

Water breaks are essential when you go for a run with your husky. You and your husky need to hydrate. Also, your husky needs to cool and recover between laps. That is why it is necessary to take many water breaks, especially during the first weeks. You can look at your husky and notice during the break if he or she wants to run again or just to walk beside you. Also, check your husky’s paws and make sure they have no injuries or sand, salt, dirt, or splinters. It depends on where you run.

Take care of your husky’s paws

Your husky paw’s pads are predisposed to cuts or injuries during a run in the forest or on the asphalt. As I mentioned, don’t walk, jog or run with your dog if the asphalt is hot. If the pavement is hot, your husky’s paws will burn, bleed and suffer injuries. But even if you run when it is between 40°F ( 6°C ) and  60°F ( 15°C ), your dog’s paw needs protection such as dog booties or dog paw balm. Check your husky’s paws and make sure that there are no splinters or injuries, and hydrate them with a dog paw balm.

I talked about the warm temperature. Now I will mention for what to look during the winter. The main problem for your husky’s paws during the winter is the salt. Usually, the roads are not treated for snow with products safe for dogs. City services often use salt, and salt is bad for dogs, especially when they start licking their paws.

To avoid this problem, you can put some wax on your husky’s paws or booties. Wash your husky’s paws with a cloth when you arrive home.

Walk before you get home

Don’t run until you reach home. Try to walk a bit before you get home from running. This way, your husky will have a “cool off” and stretch his muscles. During this time, your husky will also have time to sniff and mark as he usually does.

And the last and the most important thing: have fun running with your husky

Have fun running with your husky and enjoy these beautiful moments. Running or jogging is a good exercise for your health and your husky’s health. You are improving your health while you’re spending time with your furry friend. What can be more awesome than this? But, even if it’s a fun activity that will make your husky’s day, you need to make sure he or she is not too tired, too hot, or the pulse is too high.

Always be sure you have enough stability to run with your husky and don’t trip. Don’t push your limits or your husky’s limits. Walk, jog, run, take water breaks and enjoy life.

How far can I run with my dog?

Wondering how far you can jog with your dog or how much running is too much for your husky? Well, this depends on each dog. From 1 mile to 40 miles at a time. With water breaks during the run. People need to build their resistance and stamina, and so do dogs. But this comes with practice, and it takes a lot of time. We can’t run a 5K from the first day. You will not feel too good the next day if you push the limits. The same thing happens to huskies.

Yes, huskies are working and active dogs, but they need training. It requires practice to get from couch potato to a husky that can run 5K or even more without problems. At first, you can measure how much you jog or run with your husky because you need to build up endurance and ensure your husky is comfortable with this new exercise. Also, you will alternate jogging with walk and with water breaks. This is a process, and you shouldn’t push your husky’s limits.

Do huskies need rest days?

Yes, huskies need rest days just like the people. How many rest days does your husky needs? It depends on your husky’s age, weight, and level of exercise. But all huskies need days when they can rest. You can alternate if your husky is a healthy adult that already goes jogging with you. Go for a run one day and just walk the next day.

You will see if your husky is tired so enjoy a rest day. If you’re already up for a run, run alone and take your husky just for a walk when you return. 

Can I run with my husky every day?

No, you can’t run with your husky every day. As I mentioned earlier, your husky needs to rest some days and enjoy only walks. You need to let your husky rest until he or she is physically ready to run or jog with you again. Don’t push the limits. You will know when your husky is too tired to run.

husky owner run jog dog off hand leash
Nuria and I, when we first start running.

Do huskies enjoy running with their owners?

Huskies enjoy running with their owners. You can start running and jogging slowly with your healthy adult husky. What you need to do is to increase your husky’s endurance and build up the muscles. How can you know your husky likes to run with you? Well, if your husky is wagging his or her tail when you’re getting your running shoes and the hands-off leash, you know your husky wants to join you, willingly. Seeing our huskies happy will make us happy.

Conclusion on can I run with my huskies

Going for a run or a jog with your healthy adult husky will improve your dog’s overall health and immune system. Giving your husky 2 hours of exercise daily will improve his or her health and give him or her a long life. You don’t need to run for 2 hours, especially if your husky has no endurance yet. But you can take your dog for a walk, play fetch with a ball in your garden or just spend time together while you’re doing chores. Huskies love to be a part of your life, and they will be more active if you are active.

I walk, jog, run, bike, and play in the yard with my huskies. We usually walk in the morning when afternoons get too hot in the summer. Autumn, winter, and spring are the seasons filled with more fun exercises.

Try to go for a jog with your husky before you start running with her or him. After a few weeks, you can try running with your dog. When your husky has enough strength and endurance, you can try going on a bike ride together.

Enjoy spending time together while giving enough exercise to your husky. Let me know if you have questions about how to start running with your husky or what type of exercises you like to do with your husky.

Dog and Siberian husky lover. I love training, exercising and playing around with my two huskies. Always trying new foods, recipes and striving to give them the best possible dog life.

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