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Feeding your husky

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You might wonder how you should be feeding your husky or what is the best husky food. If you got a little husky puppy then you will see that he doesn’t eat anything or he doesn’t eat that much. Especially at this young age. The best thing to do is to give your husky the appropriate food for his age. Feed you husky puppy food that is for puppies, not food for an adult dog or food branded such as “food for all life stages”. Your little puppy needs age-appropriate food. Read this article before getting a husky.

What is the best food for your husky puppy?

Even the smart owners who want to feed their huskies the best food possible will get pretty confused. With the assortment of dog foods available nowadays it’s difficult to figure what is best for the husky and what you should feed your husky. Adding to these the fact that they will not eat anything. You should read the ingredients from the label of the dog foods, even if it’s marketed such as “husky food”.

Are Siberian huskies carnivores?

Huskies are not carnivores. They need meat for protein but that’s not enough. You must feed your dog a balanced diet. Even their ancestors, the wolves, eat both meat and plants in the wild. A balanced diet can make sure that your dog can properly develop his immune system.

Feeding your husky. What should you give your husky to eat?

Veterinarians recommend feeding your husky a combination of 80% dry kibble and 20% wet food.

You can feed your husky dog foods in various types: dry, wet, semi-moist and even frozen. If you like to spoil your husky with treats think about vegetables or fruits also. Beside those tasty treats that you can find in stores. During summers you could peel and cut some apples or even watermelon and place them in the fridge. Warning! Remove all the seeds from apples or watermelons.

Siberian huskies will love to chew on some ice cubes or on some frozen baby carrots – or some frozen yogurt in a Kong. They also love some small banana slices from time to time. Tasty!

Don’t feed your dog only dry food every day and at every meal. At least, you could put some water on the dry kibble and mix it up until it gets moist.

How much does a husky eat?

Siberian huskies don’t eat that much. The amount of food that your Siberian husky requires depends on many factors, such as the quality of food, age, size, and activity level. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended amount and adjust it from there.

What to look for in a husky food?

Siberian Huskies are very active so they need plenty of protein. You need to keep the right balance of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Proteins will help a husky to grow and repair muscles, bones, and tissues. Husky puppies need a dog food high in protein because they grow so fast. Delicious foods that are high in protein are made of various types of meat. Higher-quality commercial dog foods have more protein sources. Fish, eggs or plant-based proteins are a part of a husky diet.

Only a certain amount of protein is digested and absorbed at once to repair and maintain muscles or joints. If you give your dog to many proteins, the excess will be stored as fat or used for energy. This excess will be excreted in the urine. The same way it happens with the human body. To check if you are feeding to much protein to your husky you should look at his urine. Yellow spots on the grass in your garden from his urine it’s a result of too much protein in your dog diet. Another obvious sign is the excess of fat. Excess is never good for your dog health and neither for us – humans. Proteins are good for your dog but you should keep a balanced diet. Proteins will not provide everything that’s needed for your husky to stay healthy and fit.

Your husky needs carbohydrates. Good carbohydrates for your dogs are found in starches and fiber. You will find those in the dog food. Peas, corn, carrots, potatoes, beans, rice, pasta and grains are starchy food that your husky can eat.

Fats are good for you husky. Fats are essential. They maintain your husky’s skin and coat health, nervous system function, vitamin transport, hormone production, and energy. Still, be careful at the number of calories. You don’t want to give your dog serious health problems that will result from an excess of fats. Good food high in fats for dogs includes fish oil, vegetable oils, poultry fat, and tallow.

I also wrote about yogurt for dogs and honey for dogs. You might find them interesting when thinking about what you can feed to your dog.

Feeding schedule for your Husky Puppy

If you recently brought home a little puppy husky you should feed him the same type of food that was given before. At least for a few days. After that, you can put him on another type of food or diet. The excitement of a new home, new people and new places is already a lot to handle.  When it comes to the husky puppy schedule it should contain 3 meals per day at the age of 12 weeks. Until 6 months you should stick with these 3 meals per day. After that, you can feed your husky twice a day.

How to feed your Siberian husky puppy

Why it’s important to know the process of feeding your Siberian husky, you might ask. Well, the feeding process will help you with his training but will also keep your puppy healthy.

As a puppy, Siberian husky should be fed 3 times a day. Get his bowl, fill it with the proper amount of food and give it to eat. He should eat the food when it’s given if he likes it – of course. We are talking here about Siberian huskies. Siberian huskies tend to be pretty picky when it comes to food. After he’s finished eating, pick up the bowl and placed it somewhere he can’t reach. He will try to reach it, even if it’s empty. Repeat these 3 times per day.

Training while you’re feeding your husky

When you start training your dog, the feeding time will be a great way to establish even more control over the husky. Place the bowl on the floor and command him to wait for your signal. After your signal he can approach the bowl and eat. It takes a lot of patience but huskies learn very fast. Their stubbornness will be a challenge because they will test you, and they will test the limits. Especially when they are puppies because they tend to get away with many things.

Did you see my liver dog treats recipes? Your puppy will love them!

How can you know if you are not giving the proper food to your dog?

If your dog is on a bad diet you will see effects. Effects such as loose stool, dandruff problems, excessive shedding, dull coat, obesity, skin disorders, and others. It depends a lot from case to case, but these are the most frequent signs.

Talk with the vet if you aren’t sure what type of food you should be feeding him or if the husky it’s not adjusting well with the given diet. And don’t forget to give your dog plenty of fresh and clean water all day long.

Read the label on your chosen brand of dog food carefully. Don’t just look at the picture or at the marketing title. Read the ingredients and see if it’s the perfect food for your husky. Your dog can’t read so you will have to make good decisions for him – he trusts you to make the right choice.


Dog and Siberian husky lover. I love training, exercising and playing around with my two huskies. Always trying new foods, recipes and striving to give them the best possible dog life.


  1. Avatar
    Elisabeth Johnson Reply

    We adopted two husky brothers 6 months ago. Their eating habits have been the hardest part to figure out.

    Their previous owners told us that Smokey often didn’t eat all his food, and Bear would finish it. I noticed Smokey felt threatened by Bear, and was also not a morning person, not really ready to eat first thing. So we first established the rule that no one eats the other dogs food. We protected Smokey from Bear while he ate, and eventually Bear stopped eating Smokey’s food and Smokey ate more, but not consistently.

    We tried switching up the brands of kibble at canned food – with success at first , but then not for Smokey – he’s consistent. (I changed foods slowly as instructed.)

    I gave them cooked chicken breast and pumpkin for dinner with kibble and they gobble it up! And then – Smokey stopped gobbling it up.

    I tried setting their kibble out in the morning and letting them graze all day – then feed them chicken and pumpkin or sweet potatoes at night with some kibble.

    But Smokey is not consistent about eating, and now Bear, who used to eat everything, is less interested too, especially in their kibble. I read somewhere not to mix the kibble with cooked foods – tried that – but kibble doesn’t get eaten sometimes.


    • Alexandra
      Alexandra Reply

      Hi! So happy to hear how much you care for your huskies! How old are they? I can understand why you fed them at night some chicken and pumpkin after they didn’t eat kibbles. But keep in mind, huskies are smart, so if there is a better and a tastier food option, they will wait for it. If you want to give a better taste or a different taste to the kibbles, put some broth or stock on the kibble (without salt or spices). If you make soup for yourself, put some stock away before adding salt or spices. Or warm the wet food a bit to have a strong smell. Are you giving them treats? If you do, try not to give them treats for a few weeks or replace the store-bought treats with some vegetables or fruits. By adding fruits or vegetables to their diet, you will add fiber to their diet. Keep your boys on a schedule and feed them two times per day. If they refuse to eat in the morning, they will eat in the evening. If they refuse to eat in the evening, they will eat the next morning if they get enough exercise. Take them for longer walks or jogging. Usually, exercising them will fix the bad eating habits. Let me know how it goes with Smokey and Bear.

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