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Is my Siberian husky drinking enough water?

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Your Siberian husky drinks water. But in order to find out if your Siberian husky is drinking enough water, we need to know much water he needs to drink daily. The amount of water that a dog needs to drink daily depends on the dog’s age, activities, diet, breed, size, and weather. In general, an adult Siberian husky should drink daily one ounce of water per pound of body weight. About 28 ml of water per 0.45 kg of body weight per day. But this is not a rule of thumb.

Siberian huskies drink plenty of water

Active dogs need more water than dogs that are not so active. Siberian huskies are working dogs that have a lot of energy to burn. They need to stay hydrated before, during, and after the activities. If you have a Siberian husky, then you know that they have a lot of energy, and you can walk or run with him for miles. Don’t forget to take a bottle of water and a collapsible dog bowl with you on those long journeys. He will need to drink some water during the walk. This type of bowl is not a hassle, especially because it’s made of silicone and is foldable also. If you’re going hiking with your Siberian husky, these types of bowls come in handy for water and for food too.

Do Siberian huskies drink a lot of water?

Active Siberian huskies drink more water

As I mentioned before, Siberian huskies are active dogs. If you don’t own a Siberian husky but you’re thinking about adopting one, you need to know that Siberian huskies need to exercise a lot. You must be active if you want to keep your friend happy. All dogs need to exercise, but with working dogs, you’ll need to go an extra mile. Therefore, Siberian huskies drink more water because they are more active.

Siberian husky drink water
Nuria is very pleased with her foldable water bowl

Dry food makes your Siberian husky drink more water

Another reason, why your Siberian husky drinks more water can be food. If you feed him only dry food, then your Siberian husky drinks more water. You need to keep a clean bowl with fresh water near him. It’s better to put some water with the kibbles in the bowl and let them soak for a few seconds. Doing so, the kibbles will not be so hard and your dog will have some water with his food.

Does wet food hydrate dogs?

If you’re feeding your puppy wet food, you’ll notice that he is not drinking that much water. Most of the wet dog food contains 70% water. This is the reason why dogs that eat wet food drink less water than dogs that eat dry food. Even if you’re feeding him wet food, your Siberian husky needs to drinks water too. Keep a bowl with fresh and clean water where your dog likes to stay.

Dry treats during training will make your Siberian husky drink more water

When you’re starting training your puppy, you’ll need plenty of treats. Most of the treats are dry. If you don’t want to get dirty on your hands you will go for dry treats. Especially when you’re training your dog to respond at you outside, during walks. Even the moist store-bought treats will make your puppy thirstier than usual, and that is ok. Don’t forget to take into consideration the calories of the treats when you’re making a feeding plan for your puppy. The Siberian husky, as all the dogs, must be kept on a balanced diet.

Hydrate your Siberian husky with fruits and vegetables

If you don’t want to add more calories to your Siberian husky’s diet, then you can train your puppy with fruits or vegetables. You must try a few vegetables and fruits to see what are the ones that your dog likes. My dogs will do anything for a few pieces of carrot, apple, banana, watermelon, or cucumber. Always wash the fruits or vegetables, or peel them, cut them and remove the core or seeds if there are any. The good part of fruits or vegetables, such as watermelon or cucumber, is the fact they will keep your dog hydrated due to the high content of water.

Your Siberian husky drinks more water during hot days

You must keep a bowl of fresh clean water at your dog disposal during the hot summer days. Water regulates your dog’s body temperature. Your Siberian husky has to stay well hydrated. If you keep the water bowl outside, the water will warm up. You will have to change the water a few times per day so that your Siberian husky could drink cold and fresh water. Don’t forget to take with you a bottle of water when you’re going with your dog for a long walk, especially when is warm outside! Even if you are going early in the morning or after sunset. Summer mornings and nights are still warm. If your running or jogging with your Siberian husky he will need to stay hydrated during the walk.

Why my Siberian husky start to drink more water than usual?

I mentioned earlier a few reasons why your Siberian husky drinks more water in different situations. The reason why your Siberian husky starts to drink more water can be hot weather, change of diet, or more exercise. Regarding the diet, if your dog eats something high in sodium, he will drink more water than usual. If somehow, your dog steals and eats something salty from your kitchen counter he will drink more water after. The food made for us, humans, has a high sodium content and plenty of spices and oils and that’s why our dogs shouldn’t eat it.

But if your dog starts to suddenly drink more water and you are worried you could take him to the vet. A visit to the vet is always welcomed, even for routine checkups. We need to know that our furry boys and girls are healthy and happy. Also, it’s normal for your dog to drink more water if he is on some sort of medication.

Why did my Siberian husky start to drink less water or no water at all?

There are many reasons why your Siberian husky can start drinking less water. A few of these reasons why your dog drinks less water can be a change in his diet, less exercise, or even the cold weather. Siberian huskies will not drink as much water in winter like they do in summer.

Your Siberian husky starts drinking less water if you changed their water

Dogs can taste and smell the water and they might not drink as much water as they usually did if the water is different. For example, in some areas, public water sources are treated with chlorine. They do this in order to eliminate traces of bacteria, parasites, or viruses. If there is a change in the amount of chlorine that is added to water, your dog will smell that. You should give your Siberian husky water to drink from a faucet that has a carbon filter. The carbon filter can absorb and remove the chlorine from the water.

For example, during the winter you fill your dog’s water bowl with water from the inside the house that has a carbon filter. But during the summer, you filled his outside bowl with water from a source that is not filtered. Your dog can smell and taste that and he might not want to drink that water. The same goes when you move into another area.

Injuries inside or near your dog’s mouth can make him drink less water

Another reason why your dog might stop drinking so much water can be an injury inside or near your dog’s mouth. A Siberian husky tends to chew on many things such as wood sticks, and even furniture or walls if he is not trained. Or if he is not exercised enough or if he suffers from separation anxiety. The small cuts inside or near your dog’s mouth will make drinking water painfully.

Emotions and stress can make your Siberian husky drink less water

I mentioned earlier about separation anxiety. This can also make your Siberian husky stop drinking water. If your dog is used to have all the family members with him, he might stop drinking water if one member is gone for a longer period of time. Siberian huskies tend to enjoy having all the gang with them all the time. After your dog calms, usually in a few hours with the owner’s help, he will start drinking water again.

Emotions and stress can make your dog drink less water or none at all. If your dog is stressed about something you have to deal immediately with that problem. Triggers are different for each dog, but if you bring a new pet in the household you need to see how your dog reacts to the new member. If your dog is stressed, he might start drinking less water. Also, if you bring a new dog, they should have separate water bowls. Dogs react differently. Some may protect the water bowl. Others will simply stop drinking from that water bowl. This is why they should have different water bowls and some guidelines.

Take a visit to your vet and see why your dog doesn’t want to drink water.

If your dog stopped drinking water you have to take him to the vet. He will examine your dog to see if there are any problems regarding his health. A checkup is always welcomed.

What to do if my dog will not drink water?

Are you wondering why your dog doesn’t want to drink water? I mentioned earlier a few reasons why your dog can start to drink less water. See if you find yourself in any of those situations. Make an appointment with a vet if your dog doesn’t drink water and keep him hydrated until he can see him.

How can your trick your Siberian husky to drink water?

Keep your Siberian husky hydrated with some ice cubes

You can trick your Siberian husky with some ice cubes. They love ice cubes. You can put some blueberries, strawberries, or even cucumbers in the water before you freeze the ice cubes. Put the ice cubes in a bowl or throw it on the floor to play with them. It’s a bit messy, but your dog will enjoy playing with ice cubes, and that’s all that matters.

Hydrating treats for Siberian huskies

I am all for giving fruits and vegetables to Siberian huskies. Especially when I need to keep my dogs hydrated. Blueberries, strawberries, cucumber, watermelon, or honeydew melon have a high-water content. A few juicy fruits or vegetables will keep your dog more hydrated.

Make chicken stock or beef broth for your dog

Does your dog refuse water? Well, he will not say no to bone broth or chicken stock. You can easily make a broth or a stock for your dog at home. Put the bones and meat in water and boil them. You can add carrots too. After that, let it cool and remove the bones. Don’t feed bones to your dog and don’t add salt or other spices when you’re cooking for your dog. Want to make the broth more interesting for your dog? You can freeze the broth in ice cube trays.

Bone broth is very good for Siberian huskies. The bone broth is good for joint health because it contains collagen. It also contains an amino acid called glycine which can help detox his liver and kidneys. So, besides the good taste, that only a few dogs can refuse, bone broth is also good for your dog’s health, and it will keep him more hydrated.

How to train your husky puppy to drink water?

Encourage your husky puppy to drink more water by rewarding him with a treat or praise when he drinks. Your puppy needs to know that water is good for him. Always keep water near the food bowl, or let him know where is the water bowl. Make sure that he has clean and fresh water in his bowl. He might refuse to drink water if he doesn’t like the taste or smell. I mentioned earlier a few reasons why your puppy can refuse to drink water.

There are plenty of tricks but two of them work most of the time: ice cubes and bone broth or chicken stock. Put a bit of bone broth in the water. Water will become tastier for your furry buddy.

Siberian husky drink water hydrate your dog
Loki drinks plenty of water daily

What are the symptoms of dehydration in a dog?

I mentioned why water is necessary and how you can make your Siberian husky drink it. Now, let’s mention what are the signs of dehydration. Dry mouth, dry eyes, dry nose, lethargy, excessive panting, weak pulse, weakness, vomiting, or diarrhea can be signs of dehydration.

How to check if your dog is dehydrated?

The easiest way to see if your dog is dehydrated is to check his skin elasticity. Pinch gently and lift two inches the skin between your dog’s shoulders or the skin on the neck. When you release the skin, it should immediately retract if the dog is hydrated enough. If the skin doesn’t retract immediately then your dog is not hydrated enough. Don’t startle the dog, and don’t pinch him too hard.

Another way is to feel your dog’s gums. If the gums are dry or sticky that is a clear sign your dog needs to drink more water.

If you see any of these signs, immediately give water to your dog and praise him when he drinks. Get some juicy fruits such as watermelon or honeydew melon and feed them to your puppy. Remove the seeds from the watermelon before you feed some cubes to your dog. Also, don’t leave the rinds near him. They can be a choking hazard if your dog swallows a big piece.

Can my Siberian husky go all day without water?

No, your Siberian husky shouldn’t go a day without water. Water is a must for your dog and he should never under any circumstances go a whole day without drinking water.

Does my Siberian husky need water at night?

Your Siberian husky doesn’t need water at night if you don’t restrict the water during the day. Keep in mind that dogs, especially Siberian huskies tend to be creatures of habits and they work based on a schedule. Always remove the water at the same time before bedtime. If you keep your husky inside, then you shouldn’t feed him too much after 8 PM if you are going to bed at 10 PM. The same goes for water if you don’t want any accidents during the night. If you are worried that your dog did not drink enough water during the day, you can leave some ice cubes in his water bowl during the night. By doing so, he will not drink a large amount of water during the night, but the ice cubes will keep him hydrated.

How often should I change my dog’s water?

You have to change your dog’s water as often as necessary. The water in the bowl has to be clean and fresh. The bowl also has to be clean. You wouldn’t drink warm or dirty water from a dirty cup, right? So, why give that to your dog? This means that you have to change the water a few times per day. Do you let your dog play in the garden? A Siberian husky loves to explore the garden, run, sniff the ground, or dig. You’ll have to change his water more frequently because he will get dirt in his water when he drinks. The important thing is to keep your Siberian husky hydrated. Changing the water in a bowl is not such a hard chore.

siberian huskies dig
Loki likes to help me in the garden

Last thoughts on the water for Siberian huskies

Water is essential for Siberian huskies. They should have access to clean and fresh water during the day. Make sure your Siberian husky drinks enough water and keep him hydrated. It’s important to keep our dogs happy and healthy and to offer them the best life a dog could wish for. Siberian huskies are active dogs, and they need to drink more water. Take a bottle of water and a collapsible bowl with you when you’re going on long walks, jogging, running or hiking. Don’t forget to hydrate yourself also.

Dog and Siberian husky lover. I love training, exercising and playing around with my two huskies. Always trying new foods, recipes and striving to give them the best possible dog life.

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