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This is how to stop a Husky from digging – 4 bulletproof methods

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If your yard also looks like it undertook a massive bombing and resembles a warzone, you probably own a Siberian Husky who loves to dig. But why do some Huskies love digging so much and why do they do it? Let’s find out!

It’s really no surprise if you stop and think about it. The Husky paw is nature’s perfect excavator. Their sturdy paws with naturally webbed toes coupled with a high energy level allows them to dig a hole faster than your average industrial tool.

To be fair, their paws and nails are nature’s way of allowing the Husky to scoop, throw and travel through snow and on ice. But hey, might as well dig if we have them, right?

Firstly, why do Huskies dig?

The first step in stopping your Husky from reaching China through a hole is to identify the reason why he’s digging that hole. There might be just one, or a couple of reasons.

Bored and rested

Huskies are working dogs. Bred to run and pull sleds, when they are not given adequate physical exercise, they try to use that energy as they see fit. Your pretty lawn, freshly watered? Perfect!

As I said before, a tired Husky is much less likely to have the energy to be bored and destructive. So if you didn’t get to exercise him, it’s really only a debate between that awesome furniture or the yard. (I really don’t know how he chooses his target but it’s a fact: digging and chewing are boredom busters for Huskies)

Rodents or insects?

Huskies love to hunt small animals and insects. A safe thing to do would be to get rid of these pests, using a non-poisonous method. Of course, this might not be the end of digging that yard, but after he finds out that there is nothing interesting left, he might just quit.

Stay cool

Loki the Siberian Excavator

Of course, they are cool! But in hot summer days, they have a natural instinct to get into a pit in the shade, so they can lie in it to help them stay cool in hot weather. That pit is made by digging in your yard.

There are numerous ways to help him stay cool during the hot summer days. You might get away with the digging instinct by helping him stay nice and cool.

Find water

In the old days, Huskies used to dig in order to find water. The keen nose of a Husky can find water under the ground/ice. So they just dig until they reach water. Of course, a modern dog should always have a water bowl or supply nearby! I urge you to make sure of this, for your Husky’s health.

4 tips to stop your Husky from digging up your yard

Before anything, be wary that any dog training or any attempt to change your Husky’s behavior requires calm and patience. The Siberian Husky can be quite persistent and stubborn. Keep at it!

1.Training and management

Solving the digging problem will not happen overnight. A great course to take in order to stop him digging is listed below in steps. In my experience, these steps help a lot after your Husky friend mastered a few basic tricks like sit, come, stop, no and stay. The lay command would also help a lot.

  1. Never leave him unattended in the Yard for at least 3 to 4 days.
  2. When he starts digging divert his attention with a high-value treat or command.
  3. Once you got his attention get him to come over to you. Reward him after sitting and staying a couple of seconds.
  4. Show him that it’s great if he just sits and enjoys the view in the yard! Get him to lay and praise him.
  5. Whenever he stops digging after you called him, praise him.
  6. Rinse and repeat as much as you can. At least 3 days is mandatory.

I must say, that the above steps might be pointless if your Husky has not had his exercise and is bored. Might as well play with him a little if you’re out in the yard with him. Positive reinforcement does wonders! Showing him that you like and he is a good boy when he’s not digging can do wonders.

As early as you tackle this behavior, the better. Digging only promotes more digging.

2.Work it, baby! Exercise, exercise, exercise!

Huskies have a lot of energy! They even have the so-called zoomies. And if you’re not providing them with enough ways to expend that energy, they may turn to digging or chewing stuff.

Try to provide him with enough socialization and exercise. Walk with him, play with him and run with him! Setting up some basic agility training obstacles and a mini-course might also help – of course, you’ll need to help him understand how to play with those obstacles. But once he gets the trick, he will love it!

Being around other dogs and playing with other dogs is also a great way to expend a big chunk of your Husky’s energy. Take him to a good dog park, or have a friend with another dog come over. You can enjoy a great cup of coffee and your dogs will have a lot of fun in the meantime.

3.Self-play toys and tricky toys

A puzzle toy can do wonders!

There are a lot of interesting toys out there that can provide some great fun for your Husky. Toys can help him get rid of boredom by chewing and playing with them.

At first, try to use some toys that have hidden or tricky to get to pockets for treats. Puzzle toys or even a frozen Kong with some yogurt if it’s hot outside can get rid of the boredom, so no digging to the other side of the earth will be needed.

ps: fruits are great treats with and have low calories so he won’t get chubby! See what fruits can your Husky eat here.

4.Dig here not there

If you’ve tried almost anything, and the naughty Husky is still going at it, you might try something that he will probably love you for it. Create a designated place for him to dig!

Digging is self-rewarding. Your husky loves to uncover new smells by digging and actually getting dirt in his toes and nails. So a nice way of redirecting this behavior from your pristine lawn is to make a sandbox or dirt box for him to dig into. A designated place where he can go wild and be a good boy at the same time. What could be better?

You can use a kid box or build one yourself. You should also make sure that the soil is different from the one in your yard. This is so he can tell the difference between the two.

A sneaky way of making him love the new space is to semi-burry some of his favorite toys in there. If he finds them praise him! You can also hide some puzzle toys with smelly treats even deeper. He’ll get to them don’t worry.

Conclusions about our Siberian Excavator

In the end, having a happy and healthy dog is the goal. And in the process, if we can also have a yard that does not resemble the surface of the moon, I’ll call it a win.

The steps and tips above should help you terraform the Moon to a yard again while keeping your Siberian Husky happy! I hope you find them useful!

Dog and Siberian husky lover. I love training, exercising and playing around with my two huskies. Always trying new foods, recipes and striving to give them the best possible dog life.

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