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Can dogs and Siberian Huskies eat yogurt?

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Yes, dogs and Siberian huskies can eat yogurt. Even if it’s not found in dog foods. Don’t feed your husky puppy or adult husky dairy products if he or she has lactose intolerance. Every dog is different, so it’s better to check that.

Can dogs eat yogurt? Should they?

Yogurt is a source of calcium and protein. Calcium is important for huskies. It plays an important role in developing and maintaining those strong bones and teeth. Also, yogurt will make blood clot properly and helps your dog’s muscles lengthen and contract.

We know that huskies are active dogs that need daily proteins in their diet. Proteins will provide amino acids that are good for muscle developments, tissue repair, hair and have many other beneficial effects.

 Plain or Greek yogurt is good for your dog digestive system because it contains probiotics. The probiotics (beneficial bacteria) found in yogurt will fight yeast infection.

Yogurt is perfect when your dog has digestive problems. A spoon or more of yogurt, depending on the size of the husky, will provide antioxidants, vitamins, and high-quality protein while being low in sugar and fats.

Types of yogurt good for dogs

Read carefully the ingredient labels when you are picking a yogurt for your husky. You might want to read it before you buy some for you too. Make sure that is the right choice for you and/or your dog.

Huskies are crazy about yogurt. The texture and taste will make any food better. You can simply mix a spoon of yogurt with kibbles. You don’t have to reduce the food portion if you’re adding low-fat yogurt.

Good types of yogurt for dogs are:

  • Greek yogurt
  • Low-fat yogurt
  • Plain yogurt
  • Non-fat yogurt

Plain Greek yogurt is the best yogurt for your husky. It contains more protein and is rich in probiotics. Greek yogurt usually contains less sugar, carbs, sodium, lactose, and whey.

Yogurt is good for a husky puppy

Serve the yogurt in a bowl

Huskies can eat yogurt with fruits
Yogurt and fruits for dogs

The easiest option is to put a spoon of yogurt in your husky’s kibble. You will soften the kibbles too. Huskies can eat yogurt with kibbles and they seem to love it!

Mix the yogurt with pieces of vegetables or fruits that are safe for dogs and put the mix in a bowl.

Yogurt in KONG for huskies

Stuff the mix of yogurt and fruits or vegetables in a KONG. The yogurt density is perfect for dog KONGs. The filling will stay inside and it will not spill all over the place.

Freeze the KONG during hot summer days. Place the KONG in a bowl or any container before you place it in the freezer. This way you will not make a mess in there. Frozen KONGs will cool down your husky and it will keep him occupied for about 40 minutes.

A KONG like this can help with anxiety problems when the husky is left alone in the house. Give him a frozen stuffed KONG about 5 or 10 minutes before you leave the house. If your dog is over-attached to you, this will keep his mind occupied. He will be busy with that tasty treat. Add some peanut butterwithout Xylitol – for even more taste and fun!

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Yogurt and cottage cheese for your Husky

Cottage cheese is good for husky

You can mix yogurt with cottage cheese and feed it to your husky. Give him a proper amount for his age and size. Cottage cheese is high in protein and calcium. Huskies will enjoy the soft and gentle texture too.

Can huskies eat Yogurt and meat?

If you want to add some meat to your dog’s diet you can mix yogurt with it. Huskies can eat yogurt with some cooked and unsalted turkey bacon or tuna on some special occasions. When you are adding meat to your dog’s diet you need to be careful at the components – did you know Huskies like liver?

Bad yogurts for dogs

Flavored yogurts are a no-no. They have a lot of sugar, so they are not a good choice for your husky’s diet. A large amount of sugar can cause diabetes.

Flavor the yogurt with natural fruits, vegetables, and even meat. When you want to add more taste or smell to the yogurt treats, you can add a few pieces of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, or any fruits or vegetables that are safe for your furry buddy. This is a healthy and tasty snack. Your dog will love it. Remember to count those calories, though. So your furry buddy doesn’t turn into a fatty 🙂

Yogurt sweetened with xylitol will harm your dog. Xylitol is highly toxic for dogs and even in a small amount can cause liver failure, seizures, or even worse. Be very careful!

Xylitol is a substitute for sugar in a lot of products. Usually products such as “sugar-free” puddings, yogurts, flavored drinks, some peanut butter types, syrups, cereals, cereals bar, candies, and even honey. Also, toothpaste for humans can contain xylitol. When you want to brush the teeth of your huskies do it with toothpaste created for dogs.

How can you know if your dog is lactose intolerant?

Check if your husky puppy or adult husky is lactose intolerant. Every dog is different, so it’s better to check that first. Some dogs can be lactose intolerant and they should not eat dairy products such as yogurt or cheese. The symptoms may include diarrhea, gas, or vomiting. You should follow up with your vet if your dogs show these adverse symptoms.


Yogurt is not that expensive and it will make any food more appealing. You can find it everywhere. Most huskies are crazy about yogurt and they will eat it. Mixed with kibble, frozen, mixed with some fruits or vegetables your dogs will be always ready to eat enjoy it.

Adding yogurt to your dog’s diet will provide him digestive benefits, antioxidants, calcium, protein and it will help him stay full longer. Still, serve this tasty good in moderation. The amount of yogurt fed to your husky must be adequate for his or her size, age, and diet. A balanced diet is the best diet and it will keep your furry buddy happy and healthy.

Dog and Siberian husky lover. I love training, exercising and playing around with my two huskies. Always trying new foods, recipes and striving to give them the best possible dog life.

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