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Can my husky eat bacon?

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Your Siberian husky shouldn’t eat bacon because bacon has a high content of fat and salt. Bacon also usually contains sodium nitrate. What is sodium nitrate? Sodium nitrate preserves and colors the bacon. Due to the sodium nitrate, you can see that some bacon types have a bright pink color that makes them more appealing. Dogs shouldn’t eat foods that are high in fat and salt or if they contain flavor enhancers or sugar.

Even uncured bacon isn’t an option for your dog. Uncured bacon has no added sodium nitrate, but it is still high in salt and fat. You can give your husky some bacon flavor dog treats if you want to treat your dog during the training sessions.

You don’t need to panic if you already gave a small piece of bacon to your husky. I can bet that he or she enjoyed the crispy and delicious treat. Your dog’s body can handle to taste a small piece of bacon. But don’t make a habit of feeding bacon to your dog. A large amount of fatty and salty foods, such as bacon, can cause pancreatitis, bloat, obesity, and even heart-related diseases. If you want to treat your Siberian husky with some protein, I recommend chicken, turkey, and fish. Keep the fried bacon strips away from your Siberian husky.

can huskies eat bacon
My husky – Loki

Why does my Siberian husky like bacon?

Are you making some eggs and bacon for breakfast? I can already imagine that your husky is there with you, and he or she wants a piece of what you are eating. Your husky is staring at you, barking, howling, jumping, spinning around in circles, or sitting patiently for a bite of the tasty and crispy bacon. But why does your Siberian husky like bacon so much? Your Siberian husky enjoys the smell of smoked bacon and the crispy texture and salty taste. One of the reasons your dog licks you, especially after you work out, is that your sweat is salty. Dogs love salt, but salty foods are not healthy for them. Another reason why your dog likes bacon is that you eat bacon. Your husky will want to eat what you eat. Even if he never tried it before, and he might not even like it. My husky doesn’t enjoy bell peppers, but he wants to eat some if he sees me. If I give him a piece of bell pepper, he would just spit it out.

Can my husky eat bacon and eggs?

As I mentioned earlier, your husky shouldn’t eat bacon because bacon is too rich in fat and salt. You can feed your dog hard-boiled eggs or even scrambled eggs with some lean protein such as chicken breast, turkey, or fish. When you make eggs for your dog, don’t fry them in oil or butter. I have a non-stick frying pan, and I don’t use oil or butter. If you can’t fry eggs without oil or butter, boil the egg. After you’ve boiled the egg, let it cool off, remove the shell, and cut it into pieces. The extra protein, amino acids, and linoleic acid found in eggs, besides your husky’s regular food, are a healthy addition to his or her diet.

bacon is not good for dogs

My husky ate bacon. What should I do?

You don’t need to worry if your husky ate a small amount of bacon. Especially if we talk about an adult Siberian husky. His or her body can handle it. But keep him away from the fatty or salty foods. Your dog will be thirsty after eating salty bacon, so make sure that he or she has plenty of water to drink. Also, no bacon for your husky puppy under any circumstances. Don’t feed your husky puppy any bacon, not even a bit for taste. His or her regular puppy food is the best choice when it comes to puppies.

Why is bacon bad for my Siberian husky?

Your husky shouldn’t eat foods that have a high sodium content

Bacon is bad for your Siberian husky due to the dangerously salt content, fat content, and even food additives. Your dog’s body can’t handle a large amount of bacon or any other fatty high sodium foods. High amounts of salt and fat will lead to health issues. I mentioned earlier about bloat. What does bloat mean? Bloat is a condition that can happen to dogs if they eat a high amount of salty foods. When dogs experience bloat, their stomach is expanded and filled with water, abnormal fluid accumulation, or food. When a dog’s stomach is bloated, it will put pressure on other organs. So, if a dog eats a large amount of bacon, he or she will get dehydrated and drink too much water. Foods rich in salt, such as bacon, can cause excessive thirst, vomiting, diarrhea, or kidney damage.

Bacon has a high-fat content, so don’t feed it to your husky

Another reason you shouldn’t feed bacon to your husky is because of the bacon’s high-fat content. Your husky needs fat in his diet, but he already gets the necessary fat content from his regular kibble and wet food. A large amount of fatty foods can cause pancreatitis, digestive upsets, and obesity.

Can my husky eat bacon
Bacon is not good for your husky

Can my Siberian husky eat bacon grease?

No, your Siberian husky shouldn’t eat bacon grease. Even if you think he or she will enjoy it, you shouldn’t feed it to your dog. It smells good, but you’ll be doing him no favors. Give him some fruits or vegetables if you want to share something with your friend. If you think he needs more protein in his or her diet, go for lean protein from chicken breast or turkey. 

Can my husky eat turkey bacon?

Turkey bacon contains less fat than pork bacon, but this doesn’t mean that you should feed turkey bacon to your husky. Turkey bacon contains fat and it also has a high salt content. Read on the package and you can see that turkey bacon can contain sugars, sodium nitrate, fat, and plenty of flavor enhancers. Turkey bacon manufacturers add flavor enhancers, more sugar and sodium to make it taste better and to have some texture. To make a parallel, you can see that the differences are not so big in the table below. A large amount of turkey bacon can cause digestive problems for your dog.

Pork bacon 100 g Turkey bacon 100 g
Calories 548Calories 386
Total Fat 43g Total Fat 26g
Saturated Fat 14g Saturated Fat 6.9g
Sodium 2193mgSodium 2021mg
Nutrition Facts can vary depending on the bacon type and brand.

If you find organic unsalted turkey bacon, you can give a little bit to your dog. But keep in mind that some boiled chicken breast or some fish meat from safe waters are better options.

In conclusion – Can my husky eat bacon?

Your Siberian husky shouldn’t eat bacon. Bacon has a dangerously high salt and fat content. Your dog’s body and digestive system can handle a large amount of bacon. By giving him a large amount of fatty foods, you will not do him any favor. Even if he or she begs you to, don’t do it. You want to keep your dog on a proper diet so that he or she can live a happy and active life. Does your dog like the jerky taste? Give him some jerky dog treats that are safe for dogs. Still, look at the feeding chart found on the package and don’t feed him or her too many treats. If your dog needs more protein in the diet, you should choose dry food with a higher protein intake. You can feed him wet food high in protein or even plain boiled chicken breast. Use boiled chicken breast during the training session – this way, you will have some fun together, and you will also add more protein to your husky’s diet.

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