Why does your Siberian husky lick you?

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When your Siberian husky licks you, it may be a sign of affection. People think puppy licks are puppy kisses. But there are many reasons why your Siberian husky likes to lick you. And we’ll find what does it actually mean when a dog licks you.

Most dog owners are showered with love and puppy kisses when they come home. Siberian huskies are very attached to the owners. They enjoy being a part of the pack and they miss their packmate when he or she goes out without him. That is why your Siberian husky is so happy when you come back from work. Jumping on you and licking are signs of affection, especially is you encourage this behavior.

Why do Siberian huskies lick people?

There is not a certain answer to this question. It depends a lot on the individual Siberian husky, the environment, and the moment when the dog licks people. In the wilderness, wolves puppies and wild dogs’ puppies lick their mother’s face and muzzle when she returns from hunting. They are licking the leftover from their mom’s mouth. Puppies ask their mother to regurgitate for them so they could also eat. Well, your Siberian husky will not lick you in order to make you throw up for him. Let’s see why your Siberian husky likes to lick you.

First reason – Your Siberian husky wants to see what you ate

As I mentioned earlier, your Siberian husky is not licking you to make you throw up. But he will sniff your face and lick your face to see what you ate without him. He tries to find some leftovers on your face, just in case. If you ate and you didn’t wipe your face, your Siberian husky licks your face. This usually happens with children. This type of licking has roots in your dog’s behavior and it causes him to do this instinctively. The same goes when your Siberian husky eats grass.

The second reason why your Siberian might lick you – You dog likes your taste

Your Siberian husky likes to lick you if he notices your salty taste. If you just worked out, your Siberian husky will try to lick you. Even if you don’t work out, your Siberian might like your taste and lick you. That is why dogs lick your legs or hands.

Siberian husky nibbling hand
Loki discovering me 🙂

The third reason – Licking you is your Siberian husky’s way to ask for attention

When your Siberian husky licks you, he wants your attention. You enforced this behavior with your reaction. If your dog licks you and you look at him and go “Aww, good boy! How sweet!” and you also start petting him, you trained him to do that. So, if your Siberian husky is bored, he will start licking you because you respond to that. It is his invitation to play or to cuddle.

The same goes for negative attention. If you look at your dog and tell him “No” and push him or move, you are still giving him attention. Your dog has your attention and that he was looking for. By giving him attention, positive or negative, you will encourage him to lick you. The same applies to your Siberian husky puppy’s biting and nibbling. If you want to encourage your dog to stop licking or nibbling, you need to distract him with other things or activities to focus on or just ignore him.

Siberian husky on a walk behavior
Keeping my boy active with plenty of walks

The forth reason – When your Siberian husky licks you he actually kisses you

Siberian huskies show love for their owners and they have so much love to give. Licking is just another way how they can shower you with love. Dogs lick their owners or other dogs instinctively. It is a natural action for them and they learned it from their mothers. Mothers lick puppies to groom them and to show affection. If you reinforced this behavior with praises, pats, and treats, your Siberian husky knows how much you like puppy kisses. And your dog wants to please you and to give you love.

As it goes for your kisses towards him, your dog will not know at first that this is a sign of affection. Your Siberian husky will learn to associate your kiss with love. Especially, if you are talking with your dog in a gentle tone and cuddle when you’re giving him a kiss. Your puppy will learn that you kissing him is a good thing and he will want to respond with love also. He will respond in his way and that differs from dog to dog. Your puppy might try to lick your face but if he can’t reach it, he will lick your hand or leg. But he might also jump on you, wiggle his tail or run around the room. It depends on what type of action you encouraged.

If your Siberian husky doesn’t lick you this doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. You didn’t reinforce this action so he will just not lick you. But he will show his love through other methods. He might jump on you, wiggle his tail, or cuddle with you.

The Fifth reason – Lick and submissive behavior

A submissive Siberian husky can lick a stranger to show that he will not harm anyone. He is here to be friendly and to make friends and not to cause trouble. He is informing the stranger so that the stranger won’t be aggressive with him. The same might go in a pack. A submissive dog may lick a more dominant dog. Licking is a way for dogs to show that they are peaceful.

The Sixth reason – Siberian huskies discover the world with their mouth

Siberian huskies discover the world with their mouth. During the teething period and during their life, they will discover the world with their mouth and you are no exception from that rule. He will lick and nibble you to discover you.

Siberian husky in the garden
Loki discovering the world step by step

How can I stop my Siberian husky from licking me?

Not everybody likes to be licked by their Siberian husky. And that is ok. If you want this behavior to stop you have to stop reinforcing this behavior. Stop giving attention to your Siberian husky when he licks you. It doesn’t matter if is positive attention or negative affection. Your dog doesn’t know the difference. He captures your attention and that was his purpose.

Ignore your Siberian husky when he licks your face if you want to stop him from licking you. If this doesn’t work, redirect your Siberian husky’s focus. Find another way for your dog to express his love and don’t respond at his licking. When you found other ways for your dog to express love, reward, and encourage those.

Last thoughts on why does your Siberian husky lick you

Your Siberian husky may lick you for various reasons as you can read on this post. Some Siberian huskies may show their love trough slobbery kisses all over the face and some don’t. Not all Siberian huskies like to lick their owners and that is ok. Your dog loves you even if he is not giving you puppy kisses. If you didn’t encourage this behavior, your Siberian husky found other ways to show his love and appreciation towards you. It is ok if you don’t like to be liked by your dog. You can simply rub his belly or pat him, whatever you choose. Your dog will know that he is loved and he can trust you, even without kisses.

Siberian husky behavior
Me and my Loki

Always wash your hands or face after you were licked by your dog. Even if you like it, you don’t know where his mouth was. Siberian Huskies like to discover the world with their mouth so keep that in mind. They want to discover you but they want to discover other unsanitary, smelly and stinky things. It’s better to wash after you were showered with puppy kisses and love.

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