Why is my Siberian husky eating grass?

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You probably see your Siberian husky eating grass in your yard or even at a walk. Eating grass is common dog behavior and many dogs nibble the grass or even start to eat it as if they were pretty little cows. Dogs have many instinctive behaviors and eating grass is one of them. Don’t underestimate them, they know what grass to eat when they need it. But don’t let your Siberian husky eat grass from the area where it was sprayed with chemicals or there are plants that can get stuck in their throat or stomach. What worries us, as dog owners, is what usually comes next after our dogs eat grass. Your Siberian husky probably will throw up after he eats grass. If you keep your Siberian husky inside, you probably had to clean the vomit out of the carpet while your dog watched you cleaning his mess. And in many cases, the dog will not show any sickness signs after the purge.

But let’s get back to why is your Siberian husky eating grass. There are plenty of theories about why some dogs enjoy eating grass. First of all, I have to mention that not all dogs crave grass in the same amount. I have two Siberian huskies, and they don’t act the same when it comes to grass. My male will just lay down and start eating grass, but my female is not that impressed about it. But why are some dogs eating so much grass all of a sudden? There are many theories about why Siberian huskies eat grass, and we’ll find all about this subject.

First theory – your Siberian husky is eating grass to supplement his diet

As I said before, there are many opinions about why dogs eat grass. Some say that dogs eat grass in order to supplement their diet with fiber. Wolfs or wild dogs eat dead plant-eaters. And that includes the plants found in the prey’s digestive system. Also, wolves eat grass, berries, apples, and even pears in the wilderness. So even wolves need a whole source of fiber. Your Siberian husky may eat grass to get more fiber in his diet. But not all plants are good for your dog, so you need to keep a closer look at him during walks. Another supplement found in the grass is magnesium. Magnesium is found in chlorophyll (a green photosynthetic pigment found in plants).

Take another look at your Siberian husky diet and see if he needs more fiber in his diet. Feed him some fruits and veggies and see how his body responds to it. I feed my two dogs a variety of fruits and veggies. Carrots, apples, blueberries, cucumbers, pears, and many more fruits are a part of my dog’s diet. Always remove the apple and pear core and the seeds before you cut some pieces for your dog. Try to feed your dog whole fiber sources, such as fruits and veggies in a moderate amount for a few days. After adding more fiber to his diet, see if your Siberian husky still eat grass.

Siberian husky sniffing and nibbling grass
Loki sniffing grass

The second theory – your Siberian husky is eating grass as a barf-induction technique

The second theory is more an old folktale. This theory implies that if your Siberian husky has an upset stomach, he may eat grass in order to vomit. When your dog swallows grass blades without chewing them, it will tickle the stomach or the throat, and he will vomit. Do dogs eat grass to settle their stomach? Not everybody believes this theory because some say that dogs aren’t smart enough to think about treating their stomach problems by eating some grass. Still, don’t assume immediately your dog is feeling bad if he is eating grass. And this leads us to the third theory.

A third theory – your Siberian husky is eating grass because he likes the taste

Your Siberian husky may eat grass because he likes the taste. Yes, dogs are omnivores, and some of them may enjoy the grass taste. It’s ok for an adult dog to eat grass but keep an eye on him. Still, not any type of grass is ok for them to nibble on. If your dog starts to eat more grass try to add more fiber to his diet and talk with your dog’s vet. If you are worried about your dog, take him to his vet. The vet will be able to take a closer look and let you know if there are any health issues. If your Siberian husky likes the taste of the grass, he will eat some and cough and throw up afterward. Still, not all dogs vomit after they eat grass. Some may be fine, especially if they chew it.

The fourth and the last theory – your Siberian husky is eating grass out of boredom

Siberian huskies are active working dogs, and they need to exercise and play. If your dog is bored, he might start eating grass, plants, digging, or destroying stuff. If this is the case, play with your Siberian husky more. Walking, jogging, or running with your Siberian husky are activities that will benefit you both. Also, keep your Siberian husky’s mind sharp by teaching him new tricks. Reward him with some fruits during the training session. Fruits and veggies bring more fiber to his diet. If you don’t feel like running, play fetch with your Siberian husky. Running and bringing a ball or a toy will get him tired, and you will both have a lot of fun.

Siberian husky with blue eyes digging happy
Loki proud of himself

Your Siberian husky puppy shouldn’t eat grass

Puppies, especially during the teething period, want to nibble and chew everything. The grass is no exception. Keep a close look at your puppy, and don’t let him chew and eat grass or leaves because it can lead to a blockage.

Should I let my Siberian husky eat grass?

Should you let your Siberian husky eat grass? Well, it’s hard to deny him this instinctual behavior. If you have a stubborn Siberian husky, he may even want to eat grass because you don’t let him. The forbidden grass is the best, even if he doesn’t want to eat it. He might do this just to capture your attention. The same goes for plenty of things when it comes to Siberian huskies. Still, don’t let your Siberian husky eat grass when you’re on a walk because the grass can be sprayed with chemicals such as pesticides or herbicides. Treat your dog with more veggies or fruits from time to time. You can even sprinkle some dill or parsley on his wet or dried food. Dill and parsley are both safe for your Siberian husky, and they are tasty additions to their diet.

Should I stop my Siberian husky from eating grass?

Nibbling some grass will not harm your Siberian husky. But the important thing is to stop your Siberian husky from eating grass that it was sprayed with herbicides or pesticides. These are pretty toxic if they are ingested. Especially if the grass was just sprayed. Keep a close look on your Siberian husky and see why he is suddenly eating more grass. If your dog eats grass out of boredom, then you should add more exercise to his schedule or spend more time with him. Don’t forget to take another look at his diet and supplement it with more fiber.

Last thoughts on why is my Siberian husky eating grass

Siberian husky with blue eyes lying on the grass
Loki lying on the grass

Siberian huskies love to chew grass and dig. They are working dogs, and they will do anything if they are bored. So, if your husky is bored, he will stay on the lawn and eat grass just like a cow. Eating grass is an instinctive behavior, but if your Siberian husky starts to eat more grass and throws up afterward frequently, you should take him to vet if the problem persists. My male husky likes the taste of grass, so I started adding dill or parsley to his food. And he loves it!

If your Siberian husky lacks fiber from his diet, give him strawberries, pieces of apple, or carrot during the usual training sessions. Don’t forget to peel and remove the core and seeds of the apple before you feed it to your dog. You can even add vegetables and fruits to his food or KONG stuffing.

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