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Can my Siberian husky eat cucumber?

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Yes, your Siberian husky can eat cucumber. Cucumbers have high water content and will keep your dog to stay more hydrated. During hot summer days, a few pieces of cucumber are good treats for your husky. Dogs love cucumber crunchy treats so a few crunchy slices are perfect from time to time. If you have a dog that doesn’t drink sufficient water reward him with a treat when he drinks a bit. We need to keep our friends hydrated.

Encourage your Siberian husky to drink water. Also, you can help your dog to stay more hydrated with fruits or vegetables. A few pieces of cucumber, melon, or watermelon will help your dog getting more hydrated. My Siberian huskies love watermelon. If you’re planning to feed your dog some watermelon, don’t forget to remove the seeds and don’t let him chew on the grinds. Dogs, especially medium-sized dogs such as Siberian huskies, may bite a chunk of the watermelon’s grind and they can choke with it. So, it’s better to throw the grinds in a place that your dogs can’t reach. Let’s get back to cucumbers for Siberian huskies.

Are cucumbers good for Siberian huskies?

Keep your Siberian husky hydrated with a few slices of cucumber

As I mentioned earlier, a few slices of cucumber are good when it comes to keeping your husky more hydrated during warm summer days. Cucumbers are full of water and that is why they are perfect hydrating snacks for huskies. Always peel the cucumber and don’t feed the cucumber skin to your dog. Depending on the cucumber type, you might have to remove the seeds also. Dogs can usually digest the seeds, but if your husky has sensitive digestion it’s better to remove the seeds. You can simply remove the seeds with a spoon. Never feed a whole cucumber to your Siberian husky.

Cucumbers will help your Siberian husky to lose weight

Obesity in dogs is a serious problem nowadays. There are so many tasty treats, home-made recipes, or dog foods on the market. And they are getting more and more appealing to our furry friends. Some owners may show love for their dog by feeding him too much. An overweight dog has a shorter life expectancy than a healthy dog. Besides the excess of fat, there are serious health issues that result from the dog being overweight.

Obesity in Siberian huskies is a serious problem also. Obesity in Siberian Huskies can lead to skin problems, joint problems, or heart problems. Diabetes, arthritis, liver problems, mobility issues are also problems that result from overfeeding. Depending on how much dogs eat and what they eat, these problems differ from case to case. What is sure is that obesity can shave off a few years from your dog’s life.

How to check if your Siberian husky is overweight?

How to check if your Siberian husky is overweight? You can simply try to feel your husky’s ribs. If you can easily feel your dog’s ribs without having to press too hard, then your friend is not overweight. If the ribs are extremely prominent, then you should help your husky to gain more weight. Weight your dog, especially when he’s growing and adjust his food. You can weight him yourself or go to your vet. If you want to weight your Siberian husky, just hold him and get on a scale. After you weigh yourself with your dog, weight yourself only. The difference between those weights is your dog’s weight.

If your Siberian husky has a weight problem put him on another diet and talk to your vet if the problem is serious. Exercise him according to his weight and age. Don’t force him to exercise more than he can, this will not help him if he’s too obese. Start gradually. Swimming, walking, running, fetching, or agility courses are just a few exercises that you can do with your dog. You will feel better too.

Give your Siberian husky during training low-calorie treats

Cucumbers are mostly made of water so they are really low in calories. That’s why cucumbers and fruits or vegetables come in handy when you’re trying to help your dog to lose the extra weight. We need treats to make our dogs, especially stubborn Siberian huskies, to follow and learn new exercises. Exercising should be rewarded, especially if your dog is a couch potato. Here is where the low calories treats come in handy.

After your dog got the idea, stop giving him treats, and reward him with a “Good boy” and love. This should be enough for your dog to understand that what he did is what you expected from him. A portion of 100 gr of cucumber has about 16 calories. That’s why an overweight Siberian husky can eat cucumber slices. You can use carrots slices for extra crunchiness, blueberries, or some apple slices as dog treats. Always remove the apple core and the apple skin before you feed your dog some apple slices.

Other beneficial effects that cucumbers will provide to your Siberian huskies

Cucumbers are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. You can find vitamin A, B, C, D, and K in a cucumber. These will help your dog’s overall health. Cucumbers are healthier than the fatty and high in sodium store-bought dog treats. Especially when you want like your dog to lose some weight or to keep him more hydrated. The silica found in cucumbers can improve your dog’s joints function. But you can’t feed your dog many cucumbers daily. A few slices from time to time it’s more than enough. There are plenty of fruits and vegetables, so don’t stick with one. Also, let’s not forget that these are treats and they shouldn’t be more than 10% of your dog’s daily diet. A Siberian husky needs to stay on a balanced diet.

Siberian husky can eat cucumber
Nuria really likes cucumbers with cottage cheese

Can my Siberian husky eat cucumber skin?

Siberian huskies really want to chew everything. That’s why you need to remove the cucumber skin. Your dog might have trouble digesting the cucumber skin. Also, other risks when it comes to feeding a cucumber with the skin to your dog are the pesticides. The cucumber skins can have pesticides, and we all know that pesticides are bad for our dogs. It depends on where you buy your vegetables. Even if you buy organic cucumbers, it’s better to peel the cucumber. This is how your Siberian husky can eat cucumber safely.

Can my Siberian husky eat cucumbers seeds?

I mentioned earlier that there are plenty of cucumber varieties. Some of them have many big seeds inside. It’s better to remove the seeds with a spoon before you feed some cucumber slices to your Siberian husky. Especially if you know that your dog has a problem with digestion.

How to feed cucumbers to my Siberian husky?

Trying to keep your dog more hydrated during hot summer days? A few raw cucumber slices are perfect. Before you feed cucumbers to your dog, peel the cucumber and remove the seeds.

Cucumber slices dipped in yogurt for your Siberian husky

Looking for more ways to feed cucumbers to your dog? Well, you can treat your dog with some cucumber slices with cottage cheese or plain Greek yogurt. These are only for a dog that isn’t lactose intolerant. If your dog has no problem with dairy products, then dip the cucumbers in yogurt or put some cottage cheese on the slice. My Siberian Huskies aren’t lactose intolerant and they can enjoy these kinds of treats.

Cucumber treats for Siberian huskies

Your Siberian husky can eat cucumber ice cubes

Also, you can freeze cucumbers slices in an ice cube tray for your Siberian husky. My Siberian huskies love to chew ice so that’s why I started to put some fruits or veggies in the ice cube tray too. Slice the cucumber, put small cucumber slices in the ice cube tray, and fill it water. When the cubes are completely frozen you can give a few cucumber ice cubes to your Siberian husky.

How many cucumbers can I give to my Siberian Husky?

Your dog can live without cucumbers. But if you want to add a few cucumber slices to his diet, you can start by giving him a slice at first to see if he wants it. My Siberian huskies are pretty pretentious when it comes to food. Especially my Siberian male husky. It’s always better to try at first just a piece of new food. By doing so, you will see how your dog’s body reacts to the new food. And how and if he can digest it.

There is not a fixed amount on how many cucumbers a dog can eat. Keep in mind that the treats shouldn’t go over 10% of your dog’s daily diet. So, a few cucumber slices from time to time, especially during summer days are perfect for your dog. Too many cucumbers, especially if they are not peeled, can lead to gastrointestinal upsets. Even cucumbers should be consumed in moderation by your dog.

Can my Siberian husky drink cucumber water?

Treating our Siberian huskies like royalties, you might say. But cucumber water is healthy for us and for our dogs too. Siberian huskies can drink cucumber water. Pour only the water in your dog’s water bowl. Your Siberian husky can eat cucumber also but, feed him the cucumber slice separately. This way, your dog will not choke with the fruits or with the cucumber when he’s drinking the water.

Can my Siberian husky eat pickled cucumbers?

No, Siberian huskies shouldn’t eat pickled cucumbers. The high sodium content can make dogs sick. The same goes for any pickled vegetable. Preserving any kind of vegetables requires lots of salt and we all know that salt is bad for our dogs. The high sodium content of most pickles if will harm your dog. Keep the pickles as far as you can from your dog and don’t feed him any. It’s better to share with your dog a few slices of fresh and raw cucumber from time to time.

Last thoughts on if the Siberian huskies can eat cucumbers

A Siberian husky can eat a cucumber from time to time. He doesn’t need to eat cucumber, but it’s a healthy addition to his diet. Especially when you want to give treats that will keep your husky more hydrated. During summer, I usually chop and slice some fruits and vegetables. These are perfect treats for my dogs during a training session. My dogs eat vegetables and fruits. I give them treats that are low in calories and healthy for them. And they are happy to follow the commands in order to get some juicy or crunchy treats.

Do you want to share some vegetables with your Siberian husky? Read Good vegetables for your Siberian husky.

Dog and Siberian husky lover. I love training, exercising and playing around with my two huskies. Always trying new foods, recipes and striving to give them the best possible dog life.

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