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Can my Siberian husky eat strawberries?

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Yes, your Siberian husky can eat strawberries. Strawberries are not poisonous or toxic to Siberian huskies. Raspberries and strawberries are some of the juiciest and sweet berries that your husky can eat. But for now, let’s talk more about feeding strawberries to your dog. Strawberries are healthy and low calorie treats perfect during the training sessions. You can use strawberries for dog treats recipes. If this is not your first time on my blog, then you already know that I feed my dogs fruits and vegetables during training sessions.

Are strawberries good for my Siberian husky?

Strawberries are more than ok for your Siberian husky. There are many dog foods or dog treats on the market that contain berries. Berries are a great addition to your Siberian husky’s diet. Strawberries contain fiber, antioxidants and Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, and Vitamin B6. Fruits or vegetables that contain fiber, such as strawberries are great for your husky’s digestion. These sweet and red berries have high water content. Strawberries will help your Siberian husky get more hydrated.

A few strawberries from time to time can improve your Siberian husky’s health and strengthen the immune system. Also, strawberries contain a teeth-whitening enzyme that can help whiten your Siberian husky’s teeth.

can my Siberian husky eat strawberries
Loki likes strawberries

How can you feed strawberries to your Siberian husky?

Try to find fresh and organic strawberries for you and for your Siberian husky. There are many strawberries treated with pesticides or herbicides out there so you need to check from where they are. Try to find a safe source. Wash the strawberries thoroughly and remove the top. Cut them in small pieces if you worry about your husky’s digestion. Especially if he is a puppy. 

Before you start giving more strawberries to your Siberian husky, you should try to give him a piece at first. Or a whole strawberry if he is an adult dog, and watch how his body reacts to it. If he has no problem digesting it, then you can start adding strawberries to his diet.

How can my Siberian husky eat strawberries?

Your Siberian husky can eat pieces or strawberries or whole strawberries if he is an adult. You can even dip the strawberries in some yogurt for some really tasty treats.

Puree the strawberries and mix it with some plain Greek yogurt and fill a Kong for your Siberian husky. You can give yogurt to your dog only if he isn’t lactose intolerant. If your dog can eat yogurt, always go for plain Greek yogurt and never for the sweetened yogurts. Always check to see if the yogurt, or any food, contains artificial sweeteners such as xylitol before you feed it to your dog. Xylitol is poisonous for dogs and it can be lethal.

Siberian huskies can eat yogurt with strawberries
Strawberry and yogurt for Nuria

Make frozen treats with strawberries puree and water, or yogurt for your Siberian husky. It’s easy to make and you can make a lot. We all know how Siberian huskies love their frozen treats, especially during those hot summer days. Puree the strawberries and combine them with water if your husky is lactose intolerant. If he can handle dairy products, mix the puree with Greek plain yogurt. Fill a silicone tray or an ice tray with the composition and put it in the freezer. Now, wait until they are ready to be served. These types of fruits are perfect because they can help your husky get more hydrated. Also, when you’re eating an ice-cream and you can’t share it with your buddy, take a strawberry yogurt frozen treat from the freezer for your husky. He will appreciate it.

frozen strawberries treats for dogs
Frozen strawberries treats for my dogs

How many strawberries can my Siberian husky eat?

You have to feed your Siberian husky everything in moderation. Even fruits or vegetables. Strawberries are sweets so they also have sugar. Fresh strawberries have about 4.9 g of sugar and 33 calories per 100 grams. Keep that in mind when you’re planning your Siberian husky’s diet. All the treats that you are giving to your Siberian husky per day shouldn’t be more than 10% of his total calories per day. Fruits and veggies are lower in calories than the store-bought dog treats. I need lots of treats when I try to teach my dogs new tricks. I feed them apple, carrot, watermelon, cucumber, raspberries, or blueberries during training. Always peel the apple and remove the seeds and core. Before you feed watermelon to your Siberian husky remove the seeds and put away the grinds. Grinds are choking hazards. Siberian huskies enjoy chewing and the grinds are no exception. Your dog can choke with a big chunk of the grind.

Can my Siberian husky eat strawberry yogurt?

Your Siberian husky can’t eat store-bought strawberry yogurt because it contains sugars and artificial flavors. If you want to feed strawberry yogurt to your dog, the healthy option is to make it yourself. Combine plain Greek yogurt with mashed strawberries. This is a healthier option for humans too. Before you start adding yogurt to your dog’s diet, start with a small amount of yogurt at first. The same goes for all foods to see if your dog’s body can handle dairy products or other new foods.

Can my Siberian husky eat canned strawberries?

No, you shouldn’t give canned strawberries to your Siberian husky. Canned strawberries contain high amounts of sugar and they can also contain xylitol. I already mentioned that xylitol is extremely toxic to dogs. Still, I’ll mention this each time when we discuss foods that can contain this type of sugar substitute.

Can my Siberian husky eat strawberry jam?

Your Siberian husky shouldn’t eat strawberries jam because it contains lots of sugars and preservatives. Strawberry jam can harm your dog’s health. The same goes for any jam. Dogs shouldn’t eat jam because it can make them sick. In some cases, it can be lethal if the jam has xylitol or other sugar substitutes. Sugar is bad for your dog, but xylitol is even worse. So, put the jams far away from your Siberian husky. We know that Siberian huskies have a sweet tooth, but jams are not a healthy option for them. Your Siberian husky can eat fresh strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, or even bananas. They are all safe options if you want to treat him with something sweet.

What other berries can your Siberian husky eat?

Besides strawberries, Siberian huskies can eat raspberries and blueberries. They all are low in calories. Berries are a healthy addition to your dog’s diet and they will help your dog’s health and immune system. Blueberries contain lots of antioxidants and are low in sugar. Vitamins found in blueberries are Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, and fibers. These tiny berries build up the immune system and encourage growth. Blueberries are also known for increasing energy levels and reducing inflammation.

Raspberries, besides the sweet taste, they contain fiber, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. Still, even if the berries are a good addition to your dog’s diet, he should eat them only in moderation. Don’t stick only with berries. There are so many fruits and veggies for your buddy to try, so why stick to just a few?

What berries are bad for your Siberian husky?

We talked about the berries that your dog can eat. Let’s see what berries your Siberian shouldn’t eat. Your husky shouldn’t eat berries such as mistletoe berries, holly berries, juniper berries, and dogwood berries. If you walk your dog in an area where there are these types of berries you have to keep him away from those berries. Siberian huskies love to explore with their mouths and they can easily pick some berries from the ground or even from the bush.

huskies eat strawberries
“That’s my strawberry!” – Nuria

Last words on if my Siberian husky can eat strawberries

Your Siberian husky can eat a few strawberries from time to time. Keep in mind that all treats shouldn’t be more than 10% of your Siberian husky diet. We need to keep our huskies on a balanced diet for them to have a long and healthy life.

Next time when you’re eating some strawberries you can safely share one or two with your buddy. He will love the sweet and juicy berries. I hope you like this article. Does your dog like strawberries? Or does he have a favorite strawberry treat? Let me know!

Dog and Siberian husky lover. I love training, exercising and playing around with my two huskies. Always trying new foods, recipes and striving to give them the best possible dog life.

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