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Can dogs eat rice?

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Dogs are omnivores, so yes, dogs can eat rice. Grains can be a part of your dog’s diet if you’re not keeping him on a grain-free diet. Most likely, you already saw dry dog food recipes that also have rice. Take a look at the ingredients list of some of the most popular dog food brands. But can your dog eat home-cooked rice? Yes, dogs can safely eat rice. If you’re feeding your dog homemade food, rice is a healthy option that is perfectly safe for your dog. Rice will bring many advantages to your dog’s health, as long as you feed him the correct quantities. When you’re feeding your dog homemade food only, or store-bought and homemade food, you need to pay attention to the calories. Food is tasty but we don’t want chubby dogs.

Loki is looking suspiciously at the uncooked rice.

Is rice good for dogs?

Rice is a grain that can be a source of carbohydrates for your dog. The carbs will give him energy. If your dog is active, he will need some carbohydrates in his daily diet. Low in fat and sodium, rice is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.

Rice also improves bowel movements, improves digestion, and cures your dog’s stomach ailments.

Treating your dog’s diarrhea with rice

Does your dog have diarrhea or other digestive problems? Prepare for your dog’s white rice meals a few times per week. White rice will help him with the digestion. Though, don’t feed too much rice to your dog. Too much rice can lead to constipation. If you’re not sure about how much rice is too much rice, you should keep a fresh bowl of water near him all the time. By doing so, you can prevent constipation.

Also, you can add plain boiled chicken without the skin and bones to the rice.

When the stool is back to normal and your dog no longer vomits or has diarrhea, then you can make a slow transition back to your dog’s normal dog food. Start adding kibble into the rice. Increase the amount of kibble daily and decrease the rice amount until there is just dog food. If symptoms do not improve then you should consult your vet so that they can recommend a different treatment.

Rice is good for dogs that have diarrhea, but we are referring here at adult dogs that have an upset stomach. If you have a puppy or a senior dog has diarrhea for a few days you should make a visit to your vet.

Can I give rice to my dog every day?

You can give rice to your dog two or three times per week. The amount and the frequency depend on your dog’s age, metabolism, workout, diet, and many more. A balanced diet requires a certain amount of carbohydrates. There are plenty of foods that you can cook for your dog, so why would you stick to just one? Also, when you are feeding rice to your dog, don’t forget to add some vegetables or meat also. The food has to meet all your dog’s dietary needs.

A moderate quantity of plain white rice will not harm your dog. Although, some dogs may be allergic to grains. You should talk to your vet if this is your dog’s case. Stick to a grain-free diet if your dog is sensitive to grains.

How to cook rice for my dog?

cooked rice for dog
  • Rinse the rice under cool, running water until the water runs clear
  • Put 3 cups of water in a pot
  • Bring the pot of water to a boil and stir in one cup of rice
  • Boil for almost 20-30 minutes or until the rice is done
  • When it’s done let it cool off
  • Take some rice and mix it with the chicken or with the moist dog food
  • Don’t add any salt, butter, oil or other spices that you regularly use for you
  • Feed it to your dog. He will enjoy his home-cooked meal.

You can prepare meals for your dog with rice and plenty of other vegetables or meat. Combine rice with lean meats, broccoli, carrots, parsley, cottage cheese, liver, fish, and many more. Take a look at what are the good vegetables for a husky and for all dog breeds.

For my Siberian huskies, I simply cook and combine ingredients. After that, I place the food in their bowls. If you have puppies or small dogs, you can use a food processor. By shredding all the ingredients, you will avoid the choking hazard. You can add some scrambled eggs if you want to give your dog a meal rich in protein.

How much rice should I feed my dog?

How much rice should I feed my dog? You need to determine the right amount of rice to feed your dog. The quantity depends on the weight, exercise, and diet of your dog. For start, you can give your dog the same amount of rice as you would his regular food. If you feed your dog two cups of dry dog food at one meal, you can give him two cups of rice per meal. Still, you need to add more ingredients to the rice. If you’re giving him some liver with rice, then you should remove some of the rice. Adjust the rice quantity according to the other ingredients. Dogs really enjoy liver and you can find out more about the liver here.

White rice or brown rice for dogs?


White rice and brown rice are not the same. Brown rice is more nutritional, but white rice is also good for humans and for dogs too.

I’d stick to white rice if the goal is to fix your Husky’s upset tummy. If you just want to let him enjoy something new or add a bit of change to his diet, brown rice is also great.

White rice for dogs

  • Shorter cooking time
  • Treats upset stomachs and diarrhea in dogs
  • Easier to chew
  • Easier to digest
  • Less expensive than brown rice
  • Easier to find

Brown Rice for dogs

  • Contains more protein, fiber, and carbohydrates than white rice
  • Contains lower levels of starch than white rice
  • Harder to chew
  • More expensive than white rice
  • Longer cooking time


Dogs can eat rice and you shouldn’t be afraid to feed your dog some rice from time to time. I bet he will enjoy his rice meal because you’ll add a bit of excitement and novelty to his mealtime. Next time when you are boiling some rice for yourself, all you have to do is to remove some rice from the pot before you start adding spices. This is the easiest way to prepare something for you and your dog.

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