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Can my Siberian husky eat tomatoes?

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Siberian husky can eat tomatoes if the tomatoes are mature and ripe. Are tomatoes a necessary addition to your dog’s diet? No, your dog can live without tomatoes. Yet, we love to share foods with our Siberian huskies. But we must make sure these foods are safe for them. Do you make a salad with tomatoes? If you want to share a juicy tomato with your dog, check to see if the tomato is ripe. Always wash the tomato before you give a little bit to your dog. Don’t put salt or any other spices or oils on the tomato if you want to feed it to your dog. This goes with all fruits and vegetables. For us, tomatoes taste better with salt but salt is not good for our dogs.

Can my Siberian husky eat tomatoes if the tomatoes are ripe?

Your Siberian husky can eat tomatoes if the tomatoes are ripe. A few tomato slices from time to time are a healthy treat for your dog. Ripe tomatoes contain fiber, antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C, and minerals. You can also make tomato ice cubes for your Siberian husky. Peel and squish a tomato. Add water and pour the mix in the ice tray. My dogs love to chew ice, and the tomatoes will bring a bit more flavor and smell. You can also make ice cubes with cucumbers, carrots, blueberries, or other fruits or vegetables that your Siberian husky can safely eat.

can my siberian husky eat tomatoes and fruits
My Loki wants a tomato piece

I read that tomatoes are toxic for my Siberian husky. What is so toxic about tomatoes?

You may see or hear that tomatoes are toxic for dogs. But what is so toxic about tomatoes when it comes to feeding them to dogs? Unripe tomatoes and the leaves, and stems of tomato plants contain a higher amount of tomatine then the mature tomato fruits. Tomatine is toxic to dogs. The unripe tomatoes are not good for your dog due to the higher content of tomatine. A dog can eat only a small amount of a mature, red, and juicy tomato.

Why are unripe tomatoes and tomato plants toxic for my Siberian husky?

Do you have tomato plants in your garden? If you have tomato plants in your garden then you shouldn’t allow your dog to bite the leaves or stems. The tomato’s leaves and stem contain more toxin than the actual fruit. The tomatine found in a tomato plant differs. For example, there is 0.28% tomatine in stems, 0.13% tomatine in roots, and 0.64 tomatine in leaves. The highest amount of tomatine is found in the tomato flower. The tomato flower contains about 0.74% tomatine. That’s why you shouldn’t let your Siberian husky to chew and eat the tomato plant.

The difference between ripe tomatoes and unripe tomatoes – more about tomatine

The red, mature, and ripe tomatoes contain only 0.002% tomatine. The difference is major between the tomatine content found in the ripe tomato and the green tomato. A green tomato or an unripe tomato contains 0.46% tomatine. The amount of tomatine in ripe tomatoes is harmless to dogs, especially when we think that a dog will not eat a large number of tomatoes. Your Siberian husky can eat tomatoes only in small amounts. For example, a tomato slice for your dog to taste it it’s perfectly safe for him.

Sign of tomatine poisoning in dogs

Tomatine poisoning happens if a dog eats many tomato plants or many unripe tomatoes. If your dog experiences reactions such as gastrointestinal upsets, muscle weakness, cardiac effects, or tremors you have to call your vet immediately. What you should also know, is that these symptoms in dogs are very rare. Still, it’s better to keep your dog as far away as you can from the tomato plants.

Can my Siberian husky eat cherry tomatoes?

Your Siberian husky can eat tomatoes. And he can try different tomato types such as cherry tomatoes, beefsteak tomato, Roma tomatoes, and others. But the tomatoes, no matter what type they are, they must be ripe if you want to feed them to your dog.

Can my Siberian husky puppy eat tomatoes?

A Siberian husky puppy shouldn’t eat tomatoes, even if the tomatoes are ripe. Your puppy should stick with his special puppy food accordingly to his feeding guide. He is still growing so his immune system is still developing. Also, another food that a puppy shouldn’t eat during the first year of his life is honey. Read here why your husky puppy shouldn’t eat honey.

How many tomatoes can my Siberian husky eat?

Do you want to add ripe tomatoes to your Siberian husky diet? You should start by giving him one or two tomato slices at first. See how it goes. Your Siberian husky may refuse the tomato and that’s perfectly ok. Always start with a small amount when you’re adding new foods to your dog’s diet. By doing so, you can see how your dog’s body responds to the new food.

If you have a medium-sized dog, such as Siberian huskies, or a larger one, you can safely feed him one ripe tomato per week.

siberian huskies can eat tomatoes
Nuria is not impressed with tomatoes. She would rather eat carrots or apples.

Can my Siberian husky eat canned tomatoes?

Canned tomatoes usually contain a high amount of sodium or other preservatives. That’s why a Siberian husky shouldn’t eat canned tomatoes. If you want to make a tomato sauce for your dog, peel the skin and cut the ripe tomato in cubes or let them whole. Put them in a pan and let them simmer. Always let the food cool before you feed it to your dog. Don’t add salt or other spices when you’re cooking something for your dog.

Even if the canned tomatoes are made only from ripe tomatoes, the high sodium content can harm your dog.

Can my Siberian husky eat tomato soup?

No, your Siberian husky can’t eat tomato soup. Tomato soup has, beside ripe tomatoes, plenty of salt, flavors, and spices. All these extra ingredients make the tomato soup tasty for humans, but they are bad for our dogs.

Can dogs eat tomato sauce or paste?

As I mentioned earlier, when we talked about the canned tomatoes, the tomato sauce or paste usually contains a high amount of salt. And if we’re talking about the tomato sauce found in stores, this can also contain added sugar, artificial flavors, or other spices. All these ingredients can make your dog experience digestive problems.

Can my Siberian husky eat tomatoes – Last thoughts

Your Siberian husky can eat tomatoes in moderation. The mature, red and ripe tomatoes are not toxic for your dog. The unripe, green tomatoes and tomatoes plants are the ones that can affect your dog’s health due to the high content of tomatine.

So, if you have tomato plants in your garden keep your Siberian husky far away from them or put some fences so that your dog couldn’t get in your vegetable garden. It’s safer for your dog not to eat unripe tomatoes or tomato plants, and it’s also safer for your plants. If you are already a Siberian husky owner, then you know how much he likes to dig.

I hope you like this article. Read Good fruits for Siberian husky and why out what other fruits are good for your Siberian husky.

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