Why does my husky yawn?

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Your husky’s yawn is similar to ours and is usually accompanied by the same characteristic sound. Most of the time we associate yawning with tiredness, but in reality, there are plenty of reasons why your husky would yawn.

Yawning is usually an involuntary reflex, but it can be a voluntary reflex too. Huskies yawn the same way we do. We inhale deep to fill our lungs with air. By doing so, we also supply additional oxygen to the brain. This action can keep us awake or awaken us quicker if we just woke up from a nap. But do we yawn for the same reasons as our huskies do? I’ll answer this question in this article.

What does your dog’s yawn really mean? Yawning is a way to communicate with you and with other dogs. Your husky can yawn, and he or she yawns for different reasons depending on the situation. Dogs yawn when they are tired, stressed, submissive, excited, confused, bored, sleepy, relaxed, and they even yawn because you yawn. Let’s take a closer look at all these reasons.

Your husky can yawn if he is tired

Your husky can yawn if he is tired after you went for a walk or if you played together. In this case, yawning means sleepiness, and this is the most common reason why dogs yawn. When you rub your husky’s ear and cuddle him when it is time for a nap, you will see your husky yawning. After your dog wakes up and he will be fully rested you will see that he yawns again. He might even stretch a bit.

Stressful situations can make your husky yawn

Your husky can yawn in a stressful situation. It’s different from the relaxed yawn that your dog does when he or she is sleepy. When your husky starts to yawn repetitively in a new environment, such as dog parks or in an area full of people or noises, your dog may feel anxious and he will yawn repetitively. Remove him from that situation that makes him feel uncomfortable and try to calm him down. Your husky can yawn when he is in the veterinary waiting room because he is stressed. Dogs yawn in stressful situations because they want to calm themselves.

Yawning used as a pacifying message by your husky

Your husky may yawn to let other dogs know that he is no threat. By yawning at other dogs, your husky tells them that he doesn’t want to attack. This is one of your dog’s ways to avoid conflict. A dog can do the same when a stranger approaches him. A dog’s yawn is the opposite of a threat because it doesn’t contain elements of aggression, fear, or dominance.

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Your husky can yawn if he is bored

Another reason why your husky could yawn is if he is bored. If you take your husky to the park and sit on a bench for a longer time, your husky can get bored. After your dog sniffs everything in that area and there are no new actions such as people passing or if you don’t engage with him, your dog will get bored and yawn. Your husky tells you that he is bored and would rather do something more interesting than this.

Huskies can yawn if they are relaxed

Your husky can yawn if he is relaxed. You can easily see your puppy yawning in his bed even if he doesn’t want to take a nap. Your husky can yawn even if he or she plays with toys.  There are so many situations and so many reasons why your husky could yawn. It all depends on you to take a closer look at the environment and to see why your dog yawns.

Your husky can yawn if he is excited

Huskies usually enjoy being on a schedule. Dogs like to know when it’s walkie time, feeding time, and playtime. Your husky will learn his schedule pretty fast. If you walk your husky in the morning before you go to work, you can see your dog pacing, jumping, running in a circle, and even yawn because he already knows that he will soon go for a walk. Yawning before a walk or a run is a sign of excitement. That dog is ready to run, pee, sniff and burn all that energy.

Your husky can yawn if he is confused

Your husky can yawn if he is confused. You can see your husky puppy yawning during his training. He can yawn if he doesn’t know what you want from him. Don’t worry and keep going with the training. Your husky isn’t frustrated, he just needs to understand what do you want from him.

Your husky can yawn if you yawn

Yawning is contagious even for dogs. Your husky can yawn if he sees you yawning. Yawn and see if your dog will also yawn. Huskies yawn after their owners because they want to show empathy, but they will not yawn if a stranger will yawn.

husky yawning
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Yawn, yawn, yawn!

In conclusion, your husky can yawn as a natural response or as a way to communicate with you and other dogs. Your husky can yawn if he is sleepy, excited, confused, stressed, and even let others know that he will not be aggressive. Yawning can mean so many things when we talk about a dog’s behavior. This is why your husky yawn so much. A yawn can mean different things in different situations.

Notice when your husky yawns and find out what he or she tries to tell you. Try to catch your husky’s attention and yawn, you may get a yawn back.

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