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Can my husky eat sesame seeds?

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Your husky can eat some sesame seeds, but they are not a necessary addition to your dog’s diet. Why did I choose to write about sesame seeds for dogs? The first reason is that you can find so many treats for dogs in stores nowadays, and some have seeds such as sesame seeds or flaxseed. Another reason is that many dog owners want to share their food with their best friends or even cook for their furry buddies.

Please keep a close look on your dog when you introduce new food to his or her diet. Make sure that your husky isn’t allergic to sesame seeds by introducing just a few sesame seeds at first. If your dog’s body agrees with the sesame seeds, you can give him some treats with sesame seeds. Still, don’t get carried away. Don’t feed too many sesame seeds too often to your dog because it can affect his or her health. Let’s see together if the sesame seeds are good or necessary for your husky.

Are sesame seeds good for my husky?

Sesame seeds are good for your husky only in a tiny quantity and not frequently. These seeds are not toxic for dogs. Sesame seeds are not required in your husky’s diet, but they are safe for healthy dogs as long as they consume only a really small amount. A few sesame seeds sprinkled on a homemade treat or on a store-bought treat are ok for your dog. You can also mix a few sesame seeds with dog food or put some in a Kong. Still, talk with your veterinarian before adding sesame seeds to your dog’s food.

are sesame seeds good for dogs
Are sesame seeds good for dogs?

Why are sesame seeds good for my husky?

Sesame seeds contain protein, calcium, potassium, fiber, copper, antioxidants but also fat. Calcium helps your husky to have strong bones, the fiber content found in sesame seeds can help your dog’s stool, and the cooper can help with the joints. Remember that your husky can eat only a small amount of sesame seeds and many nutrients in that small quantity aren’t digestible by dogs. Your husky can eat treats with sesame seeds a few times per year – such as homemade tuna treats with sesame seeds. Take a look at your husky’s stool and see if your dog doesn’t break down the sesame seeds.

You need to know that one tablespoon of sesame seeds (9 g) contains 52 calories and has 4.5 g of total fat. An adult dog that weighs 33 pounds (15kg) needs 14 grams of total fats per day. You need to keep your husky on a balanced diet, and the amounts of calories and fats found in one tablespoon of sesame seeds need to be taken into consideration. The kibbles and the wet food that you already feed to your dog each day already contains fat.

Protein (g) Total lipid(fats) CalciumPhosphorus Energy (kcal)
Nutrition Facts – 1 tablespoon of whole dried sesame seeds

There are plenty of vegetables and fruits safe for dogs that have a lower caloric intake. Give your husky a few watermelon pieces without seeds during the summer or a few carrots slices to chew on, and these types of treats will benefit your dog’s overall health more if he or she is a healthy husky. If you already feed your husky a balanced and healthy diet, the sesame seeds will not make such a big difference. Still, if you buy or make some dog-safe treats at home with some sesame sprinkled on top, you can give them to your husky. Your husky can eat sesame seeds if there are some on the dog treats.

Do sesame seeds hurt dogs?

Too much of anything can harm dogs. If your husky ate too many sesame seeds, you should call the veterinarian. Even if a small amount of sesame seeds a few times per year is ok, a large amount of sesame seeds ingested by a dog can lead to health issues and complications. If a dog ate too many sesame seeds too frequently, he or she can experience diarrhea, vomiting, allergy, or lethargy.

As I mentioned earlier, sesame seeds are not a necessary addition to your husky’s diet. Your husky doesn’t need to eat sesame seeds so if you are worried, don’t feed him any sesame seeds or talk with your dog’s veterinarian before you feed these seeds to your furry buddy. The veterinarian knows about all of your husky’s history, so he or she can guide you better when it comes to your husky.

can my husky eat sesame seeds
Loki at walk

Can my husky eat sesame oil?

Sesame oil is not toxic to dogs. Your husky can eat sesame oil, but don’t feed sesame oil regularly. Why is that? Sesame oil has a high level of Omega 6, so it shouldn’t be consumed too often by your husky. A splash of sesame oil on your husky’s regular food once in a while is more than enough. Don’t feed your dog too much sesame oil because it can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and bowel irritation. Sesame oil is made of sesame seeds so it has a high-fat content that can lead your dog to obesity problems. Sesame oil should be served to your dog smartly and in small quantities due to its high-fat content.

If you give him only a tiny bit once in a while some sesame oil then he or she can safely benefit from all the good stuff that sesame oils contain. Sesame oil contains antioxidants that can reduce cell damage and it also has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce joint inflammation. The omega 6 found in sesame oil is good for your husky’s overall health. But keep in mind that sesame oil must be consumed in moderation only a few times per year.

Can dogs eat sesame seed bread or seed bagels?

You don’t need to worry if your husky stole some sesame seeds bread or a bagel with some seeds on it. Your husky will be ok but keep the bread and bagels out of your curious husky’s reach. Your husky loves you and he or she wants to eat what you eat and you might want to share some of your tasty food with your buddy but don’t do it. Refuse those puppy eyes because you know better what is healthier for your dog.

You must make the right decision when it comes to your puppy’s diet and keep him or her healthy and happy. You may think to yourself that a bagel is not that big but think about the carbohydrates, sugars, and fat it contains. Especially if it’s a seed bagel. It is perfectly ok for you to eat it, but think about how many carbs your dog needs. Especially if you’re already keeping him a balanced diet that consists of kibble and wet food. A few sesame seeds sprinkled on your dog’s food or some seeds put on some homemade dog treats are totally different from a sesame bagel made for human consumption.

Can my husky eat sesame seeds or sesame dog treats?

To sum up, yes, your husky can eat sesame seeds. Sesame seeds are not toxic for dogs, but keep in mind that some dogs can be allergic to sesame seeds or develop an allergy to sesame seeds if they eat many sesame seeds. An allergic reaction is quite rare, but it can happen.

There is nothing harmful about feeding your healthy husky some sesame seeds a few times per year. Just don’t overdo it. Sesame seeds can be beneficial if they are served to dogs in tiny quantities. Sesame seeds, even on treats, shouldn’t be consumed too often by your husky because they are high in calories and fat. We all want the best for our dogs, and a balanced and healthy diet and plenty of exercise are best for them.

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