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Can my husky eat pistachios?

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You might be eating some pistachios and you’re wondering if your husky can also eat some pistachios. We like to share some foods with our dogs. But it’s better if your husky doesn’t eat pistachios. Pistachios are healthy for you but not for your husky. The high content of fat found in pistachios can give your husky and upset stomach or it can cause more serious problems. Pistachio shells are a choking hazard and they can cause blockages in your dog’s digestive tract.

Are pistachios toxic for huskies?

Pistachios are not toxic for dogs but these nuts are dangerous for your dog’s health. It’s better to keep pistachios far away from your Siberian husky. We all know how curious a husky can be and he can steal and chew what we eat.

Pistachios are bad for your husky’s health

As I mentioned earlier pistachios are bad for your husky due to the high content of fat. But how much fat do pistachios have? Pistachios contain 45 grams of fat per 100 grams. How much fat should be in your husky’s diet? An adult dog that weighs 33 pounds or 15 kg needs 14 grams of total fats per day. Don’t forget that your dog’s regular kibbles and wet food also contain fats. Adding too many foods that are rich in fat to your husky’s diet frequently, is not recommended. Try to choose treats with low-fat content during training if you know that your dog is getting the maximum fat per day from his kibble and wet food. You can use fruits or veggies as treats during training sessions.

my dog can't eat pistachio
No pistachios for dogs

Pistachio’s shells are a choking hazard for dogs

Put the pistachios where your Siberian husky can’t reach. Siberian huskies are big boys and they will have no problem when it comes to stealing something from the counter. It’s easy for your husky to get to the pistachio bowl, so place it in a safe place. The pistachio shells can get stuck in your husky’s throat or in his digestive tract. If this happens an emergency intervention may be needed. If you suspect that your husky ate pistachio shells go to the vet. The vet will be able to intervene.

What happens if my husky eats pistachios?

As I mentioned earlier if your husky ate pistachio shells go to vet and see if there are any blockages because pistachio shells are a choking hazard. If your husky eats too many shelled pistachios the high-fat content can affect his health. If a dog eats too many fatty foods, he might have diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration, greasy stools, and even lethargy or liver failure.

pistachios are bad for dogs
Pistachios are bad for dogs

Last thoughts on can my husky eat pistachio

Your Siberian husky shouldn’t eat pistachios. There are plenty of other foods that your dog can safely eat. You can treat your dog with bananas, strawberries, watermelon and so many more other safe fruits for dogs. Try to stay away from pistachios and other fatty foods when it comes to your dog’s diet. The kibble and the wet food that you’re already feeding your husky already contain fats. Look at your dog’s food label and check the ingredients. With all these being said, keep pistachios for you. You can’t share pistachios with your husky even if he makes puppy eyes. It’s better for his health not to eat these fatty nuts.

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