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When will my husky puppy’s ears stand up?

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Your Siberian husky puppy has floppy ears because he or she is a just puppy. His or her ear cartilage and bones are not fully developed. Puppy ears are in the process of growing too. You probably just adopted a puppy and you are asking yourself how long does it take for a Siberian husky puppy’s ears to stand up. If your Siberian puppy is younger than six weeks, he most likely has floppy ears. Still, each puppy grows at his own pace and for some Siberian husky puppies may take a little bit more. Don’t worry, your husky puppy ears will develop and he will have erect ears.

When your Siberian husky ears will stand up depends also on his bloodline, physical growth, and even diet. If you adopted a husky puppy there are high chances that you don’t know who are his or her parents and what is your newly adopted puppy’s bloodline. He or she may as easily be a husky mix and you will see how he or she develops. If you worry, take your puppy to the vet. At that age, you are already taking your puppy to vet for his shoots and checkups anyway. Your vet will tell you how your puppy’s health stands and he will answer all your questions. In any case, by the time when your puppy will be done with teething, you’ll see if your puppy’s ears stand up.

when will my husky puppy ears stand up
My Loki with floppy ears

How to know if my Siberian husky’s ears will stand up?

Try to get your Siberian husky excited with some sounds or toys. If his ears stand up when he gets excited, his ears will most likely stand permanently when his bones and cartilage will develop. When your husky puppy will grow and become an adult, he will have triangular medium-size ears. His thick, and well-furred ears will be set high on the head and will have slightly rounded tips pointing straight up. Your Siberian husky will have protective built-in-earmuffs perfect during winter when it gets cold outside.

Why are my Huskies ears so big?

You might think that your husky’s ears are big when he’s growing up. Especially between 3-5 months of age. Between this period of time, your husky’s ears outgrow their body. The same goes for his legs. When your husky will be fully developed, he will stop looking so funny. You can read more about Siberian husky characteristics here. Enjoy your puppy at any stage of his life.

Siberian husky ears
Puppy Loki

How do I make my husky’s ears stand up?

Your Siberian husky ears will stand up when the cartilage and bones will grow and he will have perked up ears. You don’t have to do anything special, just keep your Siberian husky puppy on a balanced diet that meets his needs. If you worry, talk to your vet and supplement your husky puppy diet with foods that have calcium and vitamins.

What not to do when it comes to your Siberian husky puppy ears

Siberian husky puppy’s body is pretty fragile at a young age so don’t exercise too much force when you ruffle or snuggle him. His ears’ cartilage and bones are fragile too so don’t ruffle the top of his head too hard. If you bring a small husky puppy in a household where there are other dogs, cats or children make sure that they don’t play too rough. Ear cartilage can break down if other dogs start chewing his ears. Small kids may snuggle the puppy too hard and even pull his ears. A puppy is not a toy. Explain that to your child and show him or her how to care for the new puppy. As soon as your kid knows how to act around the puppy the better. Especially with the teething period right about the corner. Your Siberian husky puppy will start to nibble and chew everything and you have to make sure that everybody will be safe. A puppy is a responsibility and you have to care for him and make sure that he or she is loved and trained.

Siberian husky puppy food
Loki happy about his food

Last thoughts on when your husky puppy ears will stand up

Your Siberian husky puppy’s ears will eventually stand up. When the ears’ bones and cartilage are firm, his or her ears will stand up.

Siberian huskies grow so fast! Don’t forget to enjoy every moment and don’t worry so much about everything. Take your Siberian puppy to vet to get his vaccines. Vaccination is important for your puppy’s health. The first vaccine is done when your Siberian husky puppy is between six to eight weeks old. All puppies, even Siberian husky puppies should be immunized against parvovirus, rabies, distemper, and hepatitis. If you just adopted a puppy or an adult dog, it’s better to take him to vet for a checkup.

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